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river legacy park

we have been going to the park every day and this time i remembered to bring my digital camera!!¬† she is getting to be quite the swinging expert – she looks like a pro doesn’t she? she does not like the sun directly on her though – she bats at it like she can hit it away – it took me a couple of times before i realized what she was trying to do…so now she wears hats…and she seems to really like them on her…or at least she likes the sun out of her eyes ūüôā

warning: explosives

if it isn’t one end, it is the other ūüôā

¬†jasper had an vomitous explosion last night…i heard her coughing earlier but didn’t think much about it and then later when i heard her cough a bit more, i went in to go check on her and…she had vomited all over the sheets and herself and then fell back asleep and rolled around in it…the poor girl has crusty vomit all over her face and head and her pajamas…and she was fast asleep!!¬† so i picked her up and she woke up all confused and sweet and, if you can believe it, smiling…she looked so pitiful with puke all over her but a sleepy smile on her face…

she got another bath, several hair washings and ear cleanings and clean clothes – all courtesy of jon while i went to go do the clean up duty on the bed…then a quick nursing and she went right back down and slept until the morning…

¬†i felt so bad that i didn’t go check on her when she was coughing the first time – i am sure that is when she threw up and i was very very glad that she hadn’t been on her tummy!!¬†

she got some oatmeal instead of rice that night for dinner and i think¬†she ate too much of it…i guess it sat on her stomach¬†too heavily…i gave her some more oatmeal¬†this morning as kind of a test and¬†she seems fine¬†so i guess she was just too full last night…¬†

man, she was such a trooper though!! 

¬†uh, no picture of that incident…

she has got skillz

so one of the new things that jasper likes to do is squirm around in her crib and/or roll over on her tummy when i put her down for the night…i go to check on her and she has done a 360 turn so her head is where her feet were…so no problem, just funny…however, the whole tummy thing is no good – she wakes herself up when she does it and then when i go to roll her back over, she wants to be held and most certainly DOES NOT want me to put her back down again…so we are working on that ūüôā

the other thing is much more fun: she likes to pull herself up on the bars of the crib and hang there while blowing on the crib bar and making lots of silly noises, bubbles and general merriment…she cant quite pull up on her own and we still need to have a hand close to make sure that she doesnt go over the side if she falls but she is very close to pulling up, i think…

natchitoches, louisiana wet tshirt contest

hey, arnetta, the tshirt you got her fits perfectly now…looks pretty good on her, hey?
you cant tell but it is pretty wet from jasper insisting on drinking water out of my glass ūüôā

big box of something

this is what happens when she gets bored of me being at the computer…she pulls a box almost as big and heavy as she is off the bookshelf…i am still not sure how she managed it…cheeky girl…

here is one where she is still happily entertaining herself and laughing at me…

patterns: sleeping and weather

1)¬† jasper sucked me into the perfect pattern of sleeping – we put her down at 8 pm and then she wakes up around 6:30 or 7 am the next morning…how lucky was i?¬† see, the key word is “was”…i am not sure why but these past couple of weeks she has been getting up at around 4:30, 5 or 5:30 am instead…apparantly the only consistent factor to babies sleeping patterns is that they tend to be inconsistent…hmmm…what?¬†

just when i think i have her figured out, she goes and develops a new pattern…i tell you, if there is one thing that being a mother has shown me is how important it is to be adaptable…sometimes i can get her to go back to sleep for an hour or two (jon appreciates this greatly) but not always…i am just glad that i am still at home with her so that i can nap with her at least once to get some catch up sleep…

2)¬† the¬†weather has been incredible¬†this week –¬†have had¬†all the windows open day and night and it has been wonderful!!¬†¬†she and i have been going to¬†parks daily – the park by our lake is my favorite because of the water but she¬†seems to like to watch other children¬†so i go to another¬†park¬†that always has lots of kids running around when school is let out¬†and there we just people-watch and swing…i have outing pictures but they are 35mm so i have to get them developed first…you should see the wide happy face she makes when she is swinging!!

to catch up

so to catch everyone up:¬† we just started jasper on “real” food like peas, squash and such in addition to her rice and oatmeal cereals…she doesn’t really know what to do when a new flavor hits her mouth – her 1st instinct is to smush it out the sides of her mouth but i¬†persevere and she gets use to it ūüôā¬†

we had a bout of constipation for several days there – i had been feeding her rice w/ bananas in addition to veggies and i think the bananas backed her up…poor thing was straining and grunting until her face turned red and then would start to cry…her faces would be been funny if she wasn’t clearly so uncomfortable…so i stopped the bananas, fed her some pureed prunes and let her drink as much apple juice as she wanted (which is a mild laxative for babies) and it worked!¬† she has cleaned her system out and i have learned my lesson about too many bananas…you know, who would have thought that i would just¬†write a FULL paragraph about someones bowel movements?¬† huh…

Hello world!

this is our (well, by “our”, i mean my) first post!!¬† i will try and keep¬†the kiddies’ blog¬†up to date – i figure i will probably be better about writing than i am about calling ūüôā

the star of this post¬†is jasper lilith – jon and i are merely secondary characters here ūüôā¬† i wanted to make it easier for all the grandparents, aunties and uncles out there to¬†get to know the little one and¬†be able to read¬†about and see how fast she is growing, learning and turning into a¬†very cool person – her personality gets brighter every day and i want¬†to pass that on to¬†ya’ll…so tune in to find out how a day in the life of jasper lilith works!¬†

and expect many pictures!!