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we had our first steps today!!

is she walking?  yes!!!

well, no, i guess not quite yet…but she took her first steps by herself today – a couple of steps towards jon before falling into his arms and then a little later, the same cautious steps towards me before grabbing my hand like a lifeline…

no pictures yet, i imagine that will have to wait until she becomes a bit more proficient and consistant about it…i need to mark this day down somewhere!!

cool, huh? 

put it back…again…and again…and again…

so jasper lilith has started the whole pull it out (whatever it may be) and putting it back again…and then she does it over and over again 🙂

mom, this is what i was talking about the other day!!  

and on this side of the family…

my dad (aka paw-paw), barbara (aka mimi) and my niece raquel (aka, uh…raquel) were in for a quick visit this weekend!  jasper lilith has had quite the family experience lately and we are all loving it!  everybody got along great but let me tell you, raquel and jasper were instant best friends…janelle, watch out – next time raquel is here, i might keep her!!  she was a whiz with jasper 🙂

we went to the gargantuan cabella’s store in fort worth and wandered around there for a good part of the day – and there is enough to do there that we probably could have spent more time – whew!

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here is dad wearing her cow humidifier top and playing with jasper – don’t ask why, just appreciate that priceless photo opportunity!!

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barbara is saying good night to jasper here…we almost missed out on such a cute shot with jasper and mimi together – she fell into the same trap that i do in that we were both the ones taking all the pictures of everyone else!!

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and this is the amazing raquel with her little cousin – i suspect that there might be some hero worship in the far future…jasper lilith already seemed to be very focused on what her cuz was doing!  this is in front of one of the dioramas at cabella’s – there are our favorite artic wolves in the background…

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remember when?

i was going through some of my older folders today and found the ultrasound picts from a lifetime ago…literally, jaspers lifetime ago!!  all these pictures that i have been posting show her growing into this incredible little person but these were her very absolute first photos ever!!  she was a shutterbug even then 🙂

i remember that jon and i were just flabbergast as we watched her move and kick and twist and flip around during the ultrasound (over a year ago!!) but i tell you, as all you mommas already know, it is nothing compared to watching her now that i know her…

wow is the wow…

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here are jon and jasper at their cutest! 

hmm, it seems that the video was cropped to fit the space or something and it was jasper that was cropped out…i will see what jon can do about that!

sitting pretty…

jon stuffed her into this little leggo blocks wagon and was quite the chauffeur – she enjoyed it but was ready to be pulled/prodded/manhandled out fairly soon…after we squeezed her out of the wagon, jon noticed the big red sticker on the bottom saying “do not put children in wagon”…oh well 🙂

not walking yet but standing is a go…

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