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aha! monkey slipper moment!

arnetta, i finally caught jasper lilith in her monkey slippers!!  i tell you what, this was becoming The Impossible Feat or so i thought…but she was dancing on the hearth to some music and i grabbed the camera and there we go! 

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if i didn’t know better, i would think that i put that outfit on her to match the monkey slippers…i didn’t but maybe i should have taken the credit for it?

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she sees me with the camera and cheeses it up while she is wiggling to the music 🙂

two monkies in a tree…

or on a couch – either way, they are quite the pair…

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jasper likes to put her hands in our mouths (a security thing?) and she was lying on his chest for a while just staring off into space with her hand sitting in his mouth…i walked into the living room and saw them both on the couch looking very calm and contemplative…

although i am not sure what jon is doing with his eyes – maybe trying to scare me?

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yep, i am pretty sure he is trying to scare me…he might have succeeded…

a giraffe is loose!

one of the things that jon and i got jasper lilith was a stuffed giraffe…she picked it out herself and wouldn’t let go of it in the store – it is close to her size and weighted so that it stands up on its own which means it is pretty funny to watch her lug the giraffe around! 

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she also does this another amazing thing:  jasper will ever so gently stroke the nose of the giraffe and lean down to kiss it and rub her face against it – ok, so that is cool but the amazing part is this is what she does with the horses!  mom taught her to rub the horses noses (where it is the softest) and let the horses lip her hands and this is exactly what she does to the giraffe too!  it is an interesting connection to me…she likes the horses so much that she can’t just pet them, she has to rub against them too…and that is what she will do to the giraffe – when she isn’t busy carrying it around!

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this is where i watched jasper lilith man-handle (girl-handle?) this giraffe on to the armchair and then climb up with it…she refused to give it up and i was tickled by her stubbornness – did i say stubborn?  i meant determination!

let’s make some noise!

mom bought jasper this really cool toy…it is a xylophone-ball dropping-musical thingey – ok, so it is hard to explain but trust me when i say two things:  1)  it makes alot of noise and 2)  jasper loves it!

the thingamajig has a handle on one side and jasper likes to carry it around – well, really, it is big enough that she is dragging it around – and apparantly, there are perfect spots and not-so-perfect spots around the house because she will put it down somewhere, bang on it a minute and then pick it back up, wander, put it back down elsewhere and bang on it for much longer…silly girl 🙂

her nana and i went to toys r’ us to see what jasper wanted and man, that girl is hard to toy-shop for!  jon and i found this out for ourselves before christmas but i thought that maybe that was as much jon and i being picky as it was jasper…but this time, mom and i just let jasper kinda pick out her own things…we wandered the store, watched what peaked her interest and went from there…if jasper didn’t like it, she would push it away or even (gasp!) out of the basket…this dire fate happened to several little dolls that probably didn’t deserve it but jasper wanted nothing to do with them…it was actually pretty interested to watch her – she certainly had very definite feelings about the toys…

it took a while but we finally found The Toy that she not only did not push out but continued to play with while we still wandered the store…

it is a hoot to see her lugging it around and then just wailing on the thing…her nana swears that i will eventually tune the sounds out but it hasn’t happened yet…mom, i am still waiting…maybe you just meant that i will eventually go deaf?  hmmm…

it is worth it though – it isn’t electronic or battery operated so at least it stops playing when she stops pounding 🙂

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jasper is just getting some Before Bathtime xylophone playing in…

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she is banging on the keys (?) so hard and fast, her little hand is just a blur 🙂

a detour…

jon received a remote control airplane from his brother louis for christmas and we went out to test fly it later that day…the weather didn’t cooperate – it was very chilly and very windy!  between the wind and the low batteries, jon didn’t fly his plane for long but we took advantage of the trail and warmed ourselves up with walking while we watched the sun set…it was a good ending to a good day…

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here is jasper lilith being very curious about what this contraption is…

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jon did manage to get the plane into the air for a very brief time and jasper was very impressed!

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the little monkey needs some warming up…

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the park has a small playground that had one of those funny wiggly bridges on it and she kept us (i mean jon) busy going back and forth on it…

The Tea Set…

uncle louis and auntie susan gave jasper lilith a very cute tea set and once i pulled that out of the package, she had her hands full with the little set!   she was very intrigued with each little piece and has really been intense about stacking, sorting and moving them around…she will lay each piece out in a line and then once she is done, she picks up each piece and moves them somewhere else…if she happens to encounter a person along the way, then she will give that person a piece or two (so they don’t feel left out?) and keep trucking along…

very focused, completely in control and seems to know exactly what to do with every little bit…or at least, what she wants to do with them 🙂

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her pawpaw showed jasper (one time!) how to pour the invisible tea into the tea cups and she has become quite the hostess with the mostess…it was pretty cool – dad picked up the tea pot, poured the tea into a cup, picked the cup up, pretended to drink from it and then set it back down with a big “mmmm” of satisfaction…jasper was watching his every move very intently and then when he put his cup down, she repeated his action sequence down to the loud “mmmm” part!  and man, was she serious about it!  i was very impressed…

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here she is pouring the pretend tea back into the tea pot…but look at those tiny little fingers grasping that little tea cup! 

jasper and the caterpillar…and food…lots of food…

christmas morning was both relaxing and eventful – at the same time!  barbara and i cooked a christmas dinner of roast chicken, wild rice, sweet potato casserole (i need that recipe barb!), peas and cherry pie…how yum does all that sound? 

well, it tasted even better!  but i digress 🙂

while everything was cooking and roasting, the adults got their coffee, jon started a fire and i corralled the little jasper around the tree…i had my camera out and fully charged but between helping jasper with her presents (and the wrapping paper which was a big hit with her) and opening my own presents, well, i had no hands left!  so barbara was the picture snapper this time – there is a very real possibility that i will be posting christmas morning pictures up in february!  a little delayed gratification 🙂

we all recieved wonderful gifts but my favorite part was watching jasper play…with everything!  my plan is to take pictures of her playing with all her groovy gifts over the next few days  so everyone can see her enjoy their love and i will post as i go – i have a lot of picture taking and posting to do coming up!

it took a couple of hours for jasper lilith to do more than push dad and barbara’s gift around but once she figured out how to climb on to it without one of us holding her (for balance or moral support, i guess), she took off with it and hasn’t really let go of it since 🙂

here is jasper riding the ‘pillar without music – pretty intent of pushing her little toes around!  the toy is a little too tall for her as of yet, she can’t quite make it bounce yet or go very fast but that will change all too quickly, i imagine!

and here is jasper riding the toy with music!  such a difference!  she would push a little and then stop to dance or wiggle and then push a little more with another stop to dance or jive a bit more…it was pretty stop and go and it was hilarious!

we love you, dad and barbara!