Archive for January 19th, 2008

tea set action shot…

jasper lilith was just putting the cups on whatever plate was closest – the big plate, the tea cup saucer – didn’t matter…but now she likes the tea cups on the tea cup saucer and she will move them if they aren’t on their proper little saucers…she just looks so dainty when she is playing with this set – everything is so tiny (including her hands) and her tiny little fingers holding those tiny little cups just kill me!


mama, why does da’s face feel so funny?

jasper has explored jon’s face for quite some time now – it was probably one of her first actively tactile explorations – but this is the first time i have caught it on video 🙂

she will feel something smooth and then run over and feel jon’s whiskers and then run back to feel the smooth surface and then…well, you get the picture…