so here is the problem:  jasper lilith is moving too fast to take pictures of!!  she has me running around and going 90 miles to nothing…without a camera!!  see?  this is why i need my very own National Geographic photographer following us around…anybody know where can i get one of those?  or maybe if i just had 2 more hands…that might work, too…

at this age, i guess a good indication for how busy we are is how few new postings there are!  the less there are, the more we are doing…hmmm, that seems almost counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? 

our days have been packed full of overnight visits, grandparents, parks, ducks, horses and etc. – we are going to take the little monkey camping this month if the weather continues to give us this unseasonal warmth and that should be fun!  i will have, have, have to take pictures of jasper then, won’t i?

ah, here she comes:  i guess i have sat still long enough!   the Energetic Little One has come to get me and is letting me know that the computer room is not where i should be!