well, yesterday anyway…year of the rat and all…

thanks, judy, for the red packet of goodies!  jasper lilith ate the golden coin first and attempted to eat the quarter as well until we decided that was not the best way to invest her money :)…

we had to hide the hard candy from her (swallowed whole is the phrase i am looking for) but filled the little packet back up with some dried chopped dates and she carried that bag around until it was stone cold empty – and then came back for seconds! 

and here i have on camera little jasper lilith’s body language as she progresses from full packet to empty packet right before your very eyes:

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“hmmm, what is that?  i don’t know about that, maybe…ok, why not, i will try it!”

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“here i go!  hey, what is that?  i think i can reach it…”

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“i have got it!  and it is good!”

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“wait a minute…is that all?  no more?  wait, maybe if i shake it a little harder?”

well, needless to say, jasper survived finding out the red packet wasn’t an endless supply of tasty goodness and she moved on to just carrying it around in her hot little hands…

i kept waiting for her to try and eat the packet too but she was too involved in playing with it to consider eating it – at least for today 🙂