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it is bath time in the hyams house…

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jasper likes to lie on her cute little belly and kick her cute little legs as hard as she can until the water runs out…or waves out over the side – which ever comes 1st! 

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“take my picture, mama!”

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“ok, now let me see my picture, mama!”

tickle me elmo…i mean, jasper!

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it looks like jasper is trying to get tigger to help her out here – he is unwilling to mix it up though 🙂

and here we have heidi checking to make sure everything is ok…and then she leaves!

another brand new niece for us and a baby cousin for jasper!

louis and susan had their little girl this weekend so congratulations to the new parents!  check out their sweetpeahyams blog for soon-to-be-released newborn pictures and see what they made 🙂

hear no evil…

1 – covered in supper?  check…

2 – shirtless and loving it?  check…

3 – fingers stuck in ears for completely unknown but totally hilarious reason?  check… 

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we had a good time at mom’s this weekend although the house was full with the three of us and four dogs…the weather was wet and cold but we all squeezed in one misty walk on saturday morning before the sky fell down upon us…we spent the rest of the day cozied up inside and watching the rain come down in sleets…the sun broke through sunday thankfully (!) and we got in a windy and very muddy walk to and from the horses…

jasper went down to bed a little early tonight – climbing, sitting and chasing all the animals wore her out as well as all the walking!  and she wore us out!  that little monkey is a ball of energy!

jasper lilith, the dragon and the giraffe…

jasper likes to try to lay on or roll around with the giraffe and she will do this for about 15 minutes, give or take, before finally moving on to something else…typically, it happens when i am at the computer – she will carry the giraffe (which is almost her size so that is a sight to see as well) in to the room and roll around and squeal for a bit…i love it! 

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here she is in mid-pet of the giraffe – she takes these two stuffed animals very seriously 🙂