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the turtle and the zebra…

 jasper likes to try and sit on the zebra pillow – the operative word being try!  she places it directly behind her and then backs up to it and plops down but since it is on the tile floor, it inevitably slides from underneath her and she ends up landing on her tush…and so she tries it again and when it doesn’t work again, she just lays down and rolls on it!

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 step 1:  place turtle on top of zebra pillow… 

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step 2:  give them both a big hug!

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step 3:  dismantle them to explore the velcro strips on the zebra…

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step 4:  relocate both zebra and turtle to allow for…something…i don’t really know what 🙂

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step 5:  “and that is a wrap!”

so how many of everyone’s fingers are twitching to push her hair out of her eyes? 

that’s what i thought 🙂

privacy? what is that? is that even a real word?

can anybody guess what this door leads to?  that is right – the bathroom…yep, the inner sanctum of any house…what parent doesn’t know that all a bathroom is to a child is simply another room to play in -occupied or not!

this is what jasper lilith does when jon is going to the bathroom…cute, right?  definitely picture worthy and what you can’t hear is her saying in that sweet little girl voice, “da?  da?” – it gets me right in the gut…

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however, this is not what jasper does when i go to the bathroom!  what jasper does when i am in there and try to shut the door just doesn’t bear mentioning except to say that the door is never closed…never closed…

who knew going to the bathroom with an audience would become second nature?