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the duck pond…

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here jasper is petting the duck and letting it know that it has found a good home now…

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this picture is a little blurry but i couldn’t even conceive of not posting this picture – she is giving the big blue duck a kiss!


roan and mocker say hi…

when we were house bound last week, jasper lilith and i were outside in the backyard alot (weather permitting, of course) and she discovered that she really likes being out there…you know, in our poo-covered backyard? yeah, there…

anyway, she likes to love on the dogs which really means patting them, hugging their faces (eek) and squealing a lot and they like to lick her – roan will start from the bottom and work his way up as she runs around…i don’t really understand how she manages to avoid tripping on him but they work it out, i guess 🙂

so now that she has a taste of the yard (ugh, i hope not literally!), she will grab my hand and pull me to the back door, try her hardest (there are grunts involved) to open it and then look at me impatiently like she is trying to figure out why i am not doing anything to help the situation…so i help her out and open the door (without the grunting, thank you!) and she is out the door in a flash!

she squeals, she runs, she chases, mocker avoids, roan licks, i try to keep her away from the worst of the poo-filled areas – it is pretty much mayhem in the best possible way! 

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ah, here we have roan hitting the knee mark with his licking…

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oh my lord!  if this was a video clip, you would need earplugs!  i took this picture as jasper giggled and shrieked with delight!  very loud but music to my ears :)..

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her hand is caught in mid-pet and she has let off on the shrieking and moved on to the babbling…i believe she is telling roan that he missed a spot 🙂

a girl in the leaves…

once we left the sand pit, jasper lilith was more interested in playing with rocks and sticks in the leaves than walking the paths…she kept finding Cool Things and would move off the path, plop down in the grass or the leaves and play with them for a bit…then she would get up and we would move a little further down the path before she would want to plop down again…

the interesting parts to me were:  1)  she would always get off the path to hunker down – she didn’t want to be on the pavement, she wanted to be in the grass or in the leaves…or in the mud at one point…and 2)  she kept trying to sit on the things she found…jasper would put The Rock down and then sit on it and then stand up and do it again…or she would sit down and push The Stick underneath her, pull it out and then push it back under her legs again…my odd little child 🙂

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here is The Stick…

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and there is The Rock…

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oop, distracted by a dandelion…

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ah, The Stick and The Rock meet at last!

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and here is where she decided to leave The Rock…very carefully balanced on the edge of the lamp post…she did decide to keep The Stick though…

what in the world?

the day was a ridiculously gorgeous day!  we discovered A Blue Contraption to play with…well, clamor over really, she was too small to be able to use the dump shovel like it is supposed to be used but she sure did try!

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“don’t help me!  i can do it by myself!!  ok, help me a little…just a little, mama!!”

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“right…now what do i do?  ok, help me down now!”

so jasper climbed all over it and then moved on to something more her size 🙂

velveeta anyone? sure, i will take a piece…no, make that a block…a block of velveeta cheese…

so!  i am walking in target one day with jasper and i see this sign…

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and it is like i walked in to a door…i am slammed to a halt with the enormous truth of this phrase…i stand there for way longer than necessary and have this internal one-liner filled conversation with myself that went something like this:

“wow, that is so true!!”

“i have always said that i would be happy if i never had a child but that is just because i didn’t know what i would be missing…”

“why does a child that makes everything harder and more difficult also make everything so much better and more satisfying?”

“man, i should write these things down, make my own signs and sell them to new parents too!!”

aww, i should get this for jasper lilith’s room…”


“no way, i could never live it down if i hung a sign like this in my house!”

“i should get this sign and hang it up just to freak heather out – she would never believe it!”

“but it is so true!!”

and then:

“why do such universal truths have to be so cheesy?!”

to end finally with:

“if i bought this, jon would give me the look

at which point, i took a picture of the sign, loved on jasper, shook my head, loved on jasper again, rolled my eyes, loved on jasper some more and moved right along…

so really, tell me…why do such universal ephipanys sound like processed cheese…oops, i mean cliches when they are written down?