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father and daughter…

¬†reading one of our favorite books after jasper’s nap…she wakes up and comes sleepily trotting into the living room with her book in hand…she goes straight for her da, climbs up in his lap and settles down for her story ūüôā

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here is a good shot of them Рman, do you think they are related? 

and here is another video where jon is decidedly disturbed to find out that he is being filmed…i wonder how long it will take before he gets used to being¬†on camera for all the world to see?¬†

baby, how could i not take a video of you two?¬† so sweet…


it is a warm day today but we have tons of yardwork to do so outside we went…it has already gotten overly warm this early on in spring, i guess the heat is an early harbinger of a doozy of a summer…thank god for swim passes!

jasper lilith and the dogs¬†ran around doing¬†only they know what while¬†jon and i did our yard¬†work…those dogs keep her busy and running, let me tell you!¬† like four-legged jaspersitters ūüôā

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here she is slowing down long enough for some water and to pose for a picture…and then she was off again!

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jasper and roan finally taking a break on the thai matt under the tree…

the zoo? oh, it has been so long!

ok, so maybe it has only been about a month or two but that is a long time through a toddler’s eyes!

aunt heather, duncan and kieran were all headed to the zoo for a treetops (the school i used to teach at) field trip and i was called and told (in no uncertain terms) that i needed to come with them…maybe i exaggerate a little – there might have been some leeway there but none the less, we went with them!¬†

to the zoo!!

there were tons of children who were all doing the exact same field trip so it was a bit of a crush that jasper and i weren’t used to but we adapted – “bend like the willow tree in a storm…”¬†i told her…

we had a great time and like always, jasper lilith loved hanging out with everybody – she is such a little people person…

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this was jasper’s first carousel experience…she was unimpressed when we got on it, i could hear her thinking, “mama, this is a plastic horse, it isn’t doing anything – not like nana’s at all!”¬† and within a minute of getting up on the horse, she was trying to get down – by herself, too!¬† but once the carousel started turning and the plastic horse started moving up and down, she got into it and even allowed herself to enjoy the ride!

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once the boys clamored up into the stagecoach, jasper lilith had to go up there, too!¬† and so there she went, smiling that little crooked grin of victory ūüôā

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“hey, look at me, mama!¬† does this mean i am a big kid, too?”¬†

whaaa?  a big kid?  oh, not so fast, little growing one!  Not.  So.  Fast.

she has to get it just right…

a basket full of whaaa?

a friend of mine calls me when i am in the¬†supermarket and instead of¬†trying to walk with my hands full of a basket, a cell¬†phone and a jasper lilith, i just hung out in a random aisle…

i saw her pulling stuff down and putting it in our basket but as it was a)¬† being done very¬†neatly and b)¬† keeping her quiet and busy and c)¬† keeping her right by me, i let her continue to do it…don’t worry, i put them all back just as neatly and just as quietly…you are welcome ūüôā

so i get off the phone and look down into my basket and actually focus on what she put in there and what do you know?¬† it was all baby stuff!¬† we had stopped in the same aisle that the baby things were kept but i still found it interesting that she didn’t go for any of the dog toys or bottles of dog shampoo or any of the other products kept in the aisle…

and here is the really really curious part (well, to me!) Рi have been thinking about getting her an insulated sippy cup for her milk and i had mentioned it to her when we got in the truck and again when we were in the store and except for one package of bath toys, the basket was filled with insulated sippy cups!

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now sure, it could be a coincidence – brightly colored, easy to grab, recognizable and familiar objects to her, within her reach, etc., etc. but maybe it isn’t…after all, there were toys (toys!) and other neat baby things more easily reachable than the cups…see where i am going here?¬†

maybe jasper is so freaking brillant that she decided to help her mama out while said mama was on the phone…maybe she thought, “oh, didn’t mama want to get me an insulated sippy cup?¬† well, i will just put a bunch in her basket so she has plenty to choose from.¬† i like this one…and i like this one…and oh, i like this one too!”¬†

it could happen!¬† after all, she is descended from tested and tagged genius stock ūüôā

skyclad and loving it…

we go outside to feed the¬†dogs and water the¬†tomatoes, ok?¬†¬†and in the process, jasper runs in to some muddy spots – while still in her footied pajamas…no biggie, i think,¬†it is a nice day, i will just take off her¬†pjs and let her run around in her diaper…in her diaper, that is the important part to remember!¬†

luckily, ¬†i happened to have my camera to take some pictures of the upside-down tomatoes but instead i took pictures of our little wild child…

so i go putzing about the yard and in a bit, i look over and down to see a strange white bit of something laying on the ground…

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i investigate and, lo and behold,¬†i discover jasper lilith’s diaper…on the ground…jasperless…

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and then i look up to see this!¬† a little jasper bum running away from the discarded diaper and (i would guess) me…hmm, i don’t think she wanted to wear the diaper, do you?

ah,well – like i said, it is a nice day and so naked she stayed…

where did she go?

here she is turning circles…and running…

and here she is running…and running away…and running some more ūüôā¬†