friends and family beware:  we are going green here!  jon has been doing alot of research on green (a la kermit the frog) for architecture and it has leaked into our house…the more he reads up on it, the more we feel pretty silly for not being more conservative with things that are fairly easy to control…so!  

we are hardcore recycling (not just the casual way we used to), compost heaping with a vengence, switching to CFL’s as the old bulbs burn out, choosing green cleaning products, eschewing lysol cloths, windex cloths, paper towels for reusable cloth products, hm, what else…buying local organic veggies & fruits (luckily there are plenty of farmers markets around here to pick from plus our little backyard garden is looking great), turning off lights if we aren’t in the room, being careful with water conservation…

oh yeah, not buying plastic water bottles anymore!!  apparantly, that is a Really Big One!  i switched to the metal refillable water bottles instead of the plastic use-it-once-and-toss-it (you can recycle those too, of course, but did you know that almost none of the major water companies make their bottles from the recycled products?  i didn’t know that but what a waste!) plus i have nixed the paper or plastic question in favor of reusuable shopping bags…all that and more!   

i haven’t been able to give up three big things though:  1)  disposable diapers!! (that is another Really Big One, i know)  

2)  post it notes!!  (although i did start buying the recycled post its as i ran out of my normal ones) but i can’t not use post its!!  i read where you can reuse the backs of envelopes and junk mail as list and note material but i am not there yet

3)  swiffer cloths!!  you know i love my swiffer!  nope, not there yet either…

some things are easy, some are a bit tricky to remember to do (old habits and all that), some are almost hard because they are inconvenient and take more time (the reusuable shopping bags are kind of a pain when shopping in large quantities) and some are too expensive to even think doing right now so the environment will just have to wait until jon can build our own house…wait, hm, is that the thinking that got us into this global mess in the first place? 

but it is a different frame of mind and it is interesting to see how things start to relate – like if i do this one thing, i might as well do this other thing and so on and so forth and before you know it, you have a daughter that is wearing a little pink t-shirt that says “lil’ tree hugger” on it! 

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a day in the park with her tree hugger shirt and, yes, camouflage rain boots…she picked them out herself and pretty much refuses to take them off even when inside the house!  you should see her run around in nothing but a diaper and her rain boots – it is a sight that gets me right smack in the heart every time!

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jasper loves the swing!  i think this is her, “why are you taking a picture?  you are supposed to be pushing me!  higher, mama, higher!”  dad, here are the camo boots – i thought you would get a kick out of these 🙂

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“mama, you don’t have to hold my hand…it’s just water…like a big duck-filled bathtub!”  whatever, little one, give me that hand back!

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she is pointing at the ducks and wondering why they aren’t rushing towards her like usual…she is probably also wondering how mama can be holding her hand and holding the camera at the same time…that is right, i like to use both hands…at the same time!  bow before the master…mistress…oh, never mind…