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scarborough faire or bust…

it is time for the annual scarborough faire!  we missed the first weekend but managed to make it this weekend with dave, heather and duncan…we are having a bout of perfect spring weather and this day was no exception – about 68° and breezy so staying in the sunshine felt pretty good…all the flowers are blooming and the faire is just beautiful this time of the year!

i planned on making jasper a ren. faire costume but didn’t have time…i would still like to try to make one for her but honestly, watch me do it right before (or better yet, after) the faire is over 🙂

so jasper lilith was in normal people clothes with fairy wings thrown in for good measure 🙂

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jasper was very da-focused today at the faire – by the time we left, his back was killing him from carrying her all over!

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ah, here is where i get some jasper time while we play in the dragon fountain…which you can’t really see…

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and duncan…she loves duncan…and there he goes 🙂

texas blue bonnets…

i have joined a group of moms so that jasper lilith can be around kiddos her own age…she is such a friendly, social little girl and i want to foster and encourage that…so…that means biting the bullet, joining a playgroup and making small talk to other women…i can do it…i can!

my first meetup was at an incredibly beautiful park that i have never been to (we will definitely be going back to it!) and it turned out to be alot of fun…there was a little girl only two days older than jasper and they played wonderfully together…the other moms were fine (i think there is potential there) and i was told that there are several girls all around jaspers age so the group sounds like it might be what i wanted! 

the mama goal that day was to take pictures of our beautiful children in the field of blue bonnets that the park had…however, jasper lilith’s goal was to frolic in the bluebonnets while running to avoid all camera! 

the other kids posed for the camera or even sat in the bluebonnets prettily while the mamas cooed and took pictures…not me, nope…i was running…no, chasing after jasper just to get a from-the-back shot!!  and sitting still?  please…why would she sit still when there are bees to chase and puddles to jump in?  bluebonnets?  those are just flowers that happen to be in the way of a locamotive named jasper… 

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here is the only shot i got of her sitting down…and do you know why?  she fell…that is right, she fell down and took 1/2 a second to touch a bluebonnet before getting up and running off again…so i took full advantage of that 1/2 second and snapped away while she was not moving 🙂

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ah, the from-the-back shot…i could show you about 10 more just like this 🙂

miss industrious…

we had a bad storm here on tuesday night and lost power at about 3 in the morning…i know the time because i was up checking on our fevered little girl (103° at its highest)…while i was up, i could hear the storm get worse – the wind was so loud and the big, hardwood trees were bent so low that it worried me and i woke jon up to see if he would check on the television for tornado warnings going on…it was a bit busy and worrisome in our house around 3 am!!

but it all worked out ok – jasper lilith’s fever broke and started dropping and we weren’t under a direct tornado watches…phew!

we did, however, lose our electricity for almost three days – it didn’t come back on until friday evening…

the strange thing is:  once we dealt with the food (we filled our deep freeze with as much as it could hold and then iced everything over…then put the rest in our big cooler so i could still access some things), it wasn’t an issue at all!  we ate out in the evenings so cooking wasn’t an factor…then the weather stayed in the low 70’s and continued to be windy so we just kept the windows and doors open the whole time – it actually got cool enough at night that we had to shut windows to stay comfortable!  the inside of the house never got over 70°…it was very pleasant…can you imagine dealing with all that smack in the middle of a texas summer?  at around 100° or more during the day?  i don’t even want to think about it and am very glad that i don’t have to think about it!

and it is amazing the amount of background noise that we are surrounded by…and don’t even hear until it is gone!  no refrigerator or computers humming, no fans whirring, no phones ringing, no television/music, nothing but wind, windchimes and outside suburbia noises…

but let me tell you, all that peace and quiet aside, i danced like a madman when i came home friday and found our electricity back on!!  in fact, apparantly i danced so convincingly that jasper felt the need to join in – we were out in the front yard looking like happy fools!  she got a thrill out of that – i guess i don’t act the fool around her enough 🙂

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jasper is continuing her life long goal to keep the yard clear of gumballs and sticks…

yay for electricity!!!  and yay for hot showers!!