today was a fun day!  every friday we go to the main library for what is called “storytime” – it is a toddler oriented class (group?  session?  something like that)  with books and songs and puppets…very loud, rambunctious and audience driven…it is alot of fun and jasper really gets into it especially when there are a bunch of children there…it is held in a little amphitheater and i have found that if there are a bunch of us, she really enjoys singing and clapping with a newfound buddy…if there is just a few of us, she gets distracted easily and wants to climb around…needless to say, i like it when there is a crowd!!  anyway, that was our morning but the best part of today was in the evening!

there is an organic, pick-your-own fruits and veggies farm called gnismer farm right down the road from us – it has strawberries, blackberries, onions, corn, blueberries, tomatoes, etc., all depending on the season…heather and i have been saying for years that we need to go and we finally did!  whoop!

right now, they have tons and tons of red, ripe strawberries just waiting for jasper and i to go pick them…we met dave, heather and duncan over there and went to town – well, i guess it would be more accurate to say, “went to farm” but you know what i mean 🙂

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jasper lilith was fantastic!  she followed the rules (no picking of the green berries, stay out of the rows and don’t step on the plants) in a very mature way and we had a great time hunting and gathering!  she picked for a while and then just wanted to carry the bucket and, let me tell you, i was not allowed to put the strawberries in the bucket – i had to give them to her to put in the bucket or she let me have it!  and i think i got just as excited at finding the big, ripe ones as she did!  we got into a good rhythm and before i knew it, we had a box full of beautifully red berries…

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she kind of matches the strawberries, doesn’t she?

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jasper had sound effects, too!  she wouldn’t just pick them, she had to make this grunty, breathy “uhhhhh…” noise while she was doing it…every single time…it was hilarious!

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here is the box/bucket of berries – it was pretty heavy towards the end but she pretty much refused to give it up and contined to carry it even when it was obviously a bit tricky for her…

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and there she goes!  a girl with her strawberries :)…wait, sugar, you have to share those you know!!  i don’t think she heard me…

so the way it goes is that you pick as much as you want and then they weigh the box and you pay by the pound…we got up to the stall, they weighed, i paid and afterward i was rifling through the pretty berries (admiring them really) and realized that i had also bought a Rock…a Big Heavy Rock…

huh…well, i had taken a couple of jasper-found rocks out already and thought that i had gotten them all – you know jasper and rocks, she can’t go anywhere without finding some that she just has to have – but apparantly, the girl snuck one in that i didn’t see…i didn’t see and i ended up buying…buying a Rock…oh well, i guess we will paint the Rock and call it “George”…

and can anybody guess what jasper lilith ate for dinner?  strawberries…and that is pretty much it…well, with some pieces of apple thrown in there for roughage 🙂

it was a berry wonderful day (ha!  i couldn’t resist!) and a great way to end the week!  happy friday all!