again, today was both fun and productive!  jon and i both finished a bunch of yard work (i planted some mammoth sunflowers against the fence and a bunch of wildflowers) and then moseyed on over to the faire…

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jasper was very jon-centric today – she wasn’t all that interested in her mama and only wanted her da to hold her and love on her…and he loved every minute of it!  well, mostly…if i ignore the desparate, “daune, take her for a minute – my back is killing me!” plea that i heard a couple of times today…not that it did much good because i would gladly take hold of her and within a couple of minutes she would be struggling to get down and run over to her da…she just wanted her da! 

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here are duncan and jasper lilith hanging out…duncan told heather and i that we should be taking a picture of them and then offered to hold jasper’s hand for the picture but jasper didn’t cooperate and just wanted to wiggle around and be silly instead…but that is ok, sugar, your daddy will surely want to put off holding hands with a boy for as long as possible!

heather, doesn’t it look like duncan just told jasper a joke or something kind of silly story?  i love it!