heather, avert your eyes!!  no, i am kidding – the dragon is for duncan, i guess that means you can see it 🙂

but houston, we have a Problem because jasper lilith has fallen in love with this two headed dragon!  she talks to it, she carries it around, she pets it and tries to tie her beloved balloon (and that is another story!)…this morning i could hear her asking for something and i walk in to find her trying her very, very hardest to stretch another 3 feet and get that dragon…right out of the gift bag that clearly reads “duncan” on it 🙂

now it has been suggested to me that this love affair simply exists because the toy is new (jon!) but whatever the reason, it is funny to watch!  i am curious (and slightly worried) about how she is going to react when duncan opens his present and she sees what she considers to be her dragon in there!  i think my first mistake was to let her see it at all…my second mistake was to let her hold it!

will there be tears?  will there be screaming?  will there be calm acceptance?  will there be copious amounts of distraction from Her Parents?  will there be (jon, cover your eyes) another dragon for jasper alone? 

tune in next week to find out!  same bat time!!  same bat channel!!