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random happenings…

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jasper lilith likes to squeeze between the couch and the end table…she isn’t trying to cut through, she isn’t doing anything – she just likes to shimmy into the narrow space and stand there for a bit…sometimes she reads a book while she is there…and then other times, she gets stuck 🙂

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here is jasper lying ever so comfortably on her “pallet” on the floor…she doesn’t stay there for long but she is oh so sweet when she does…

arnetta, see the quilt she is laying on?  remember when we were talking about handmade quilts?  that is the quilt that mom and grandma worked on while she was pregnant with me…mom, recognize it?  did i get that story right?  it has been in the trunk for so long that it took 2 fabreze soaks to get the weird tand funky trunk smell out 🙂

hula, hula, hula…and jelly!

if you don’t know the “peanut, peanut butter…and jelly!!” song then the post title will mean nothing to you and might even make you wonder if i am crazy…but if no one else knows what i am talking about, i know my mom will 🙂  sing it with me, mom!!

arnetta found this precocious hula girl outfit for jasper lilith and we got it on her just in time before she outgrew it – that would have been a shame!  jasper wasn’t entirely sure that she liked the feel of the bikini top (i think we took too long trying to tie it) but she got used to it and moved on to her normal rambunctious self…

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gram is helping jasper lilith sit on her Big Pink Ball (the ball and her giraffe were the only toys lucky enough to migrate to natchitoches with us and i was glad that i brought them)…

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ah, here we go – the hula girl and her Ball – she would run around at full tilt with that ball – living on the edge, huh…look at that smile!  i can hear her laughing even now 🙂

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so jasper lilith is back in her favorite chair and just casually reading a magazine…you know, because a girl has to keep up with the time…

thanks for the sweet pictures and the outfit, arnetta!

a girl, a chair and a bathtub…

jasper lilith has a favorite chair in natchitoches (wasn’t this chair yours as a child, arnetta?) and it never takes her long to pull it out and make herself comfortable 🙂

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look at that little tongue sticking out!  she must be amused at either the noggin show or her mother taking yet another picture…it’s 50/50 either way…

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i think this picture speaks for itself…mainly because i can’t think of anything to say that does this snapshot justice…man, that girl is hilarious!

the big pink ball…

heather, i am sorry to tell you that the Big Purple Ball that you got her has finally died – it has been losing air for quite some time now but jasper lilith was still playing with it so i let it be…until it became so deflated that jasper could pick it up in one little fist just by squeezing the sides together 🙂

at that point, i figured that the Big Purple Ball had about bit the dust and we “retired” the Ball…

and the Big Pink Ball has now taken its place (so fickle – so quick to be replaced) 🙂

she is, of course, in love with the ball – not only is it a ball (about her favorite thing in the world, i think…her favorite word, too) but it is a spanking brand new ball!  she couldn’t contain her squeals of delight!

she also couldn’t wait to play with the ball in the tub…in fact, she couldn’t wait long enough for jon to get her clothes off!!

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yep!  jon dropped the ball in the tub, leaned back to get a towel out, heard a splash and a little squeal and turned around to see jasper lilith sitting in the tub…with her clothes still on…and very, very happy to be there…with the Big Pink Ball…

happy times 🙂

bow down before us…

this has very little to do with jasper lilith but remember when i posted a big “go green” soapbox?  well, we switched out most of our lights for the cfl’s and have been super, super strict about turning off all lights, ceiling fans, the tv, etc if we aren’t in the room or using it, right?  plus we bumped our thermostat to be a little more energy efficient during the day…

ok, so we got our electricity bill in the mail and let me tell you guys that it was 1/2 of what our usual bill is!!  did you hear me?  half!!

now i can’t wait to see our utility bill because we have cracked down on our water usage (can we say “navy showers”?) and it will surely be reflected in that bill too!

we are awesome!!

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but enough of our awesomeness:  here is a picture of jasper brushing jon’s hair…she also really likes to brush her hair too…and mine but i am not nearly as accomadating as jon is due to my curly mane…

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i want you to notice where that little monkeys hand is…do you see it? 

she is trying to put the key into the ignition!!!  the.  key.  in.  the.  ignition…

jon asked me why i was so surprised when we know how observant she is but still!  it floors me every time i see her do something that i or jon do and she does it in such a casual manner…oy, vey…

ok, you can stop bowing now 🙂 

a conversation about toes…

to jasper lilith:  “look at your feet, sugar-monkey!  you have happy toes!” 

to me (the mama): “what are you doing to my daughter??!!  is that stuff toxic??”

to jon (the papa):  “uh…what do you mean “toxic”?  it’s nail polish…for people…why?  you don’t like it on her?” 

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let me assure you that there were more words on the subject but who can remember entire conversations a day later?  you are lucky i remembered those statements above…and in the proper order too…they must have made an impact 🙂

but jasper lilith sat very still for the process (which was about as quick as i could make it and not paint her entire toe) but didn’t really pay attention to the red polish once it was on…every once in a while, i catch her playing with her toes and checking the color out but i swear, it was like she had done this a thousand times before…i am just surprised that she didn’t give me a tip afterward 🙂

we had a house day that day – jon took the truck so i got stuck with the car which means we didn’t go any further than the backyard 🙂

which turned out to be just fine because our day was filled with running through water sprinklers, taking a bubble bath (de-grassing the jasper as i like to call it), playing with our sidewalk chalk, taking a hose bath (de-chalking the jasper which is similar to de-grassing the jasper but without the grass…and the bubbles…and it’s outside with a hose…so maybe it is nothing like de-grassing after all), a picnic lunch and last but not least painting our nails! 

my sun hat please!

jasper and i haven’t been going to the zoo as often as usual due to lots of playgroups, lots of park time and lots of Other Things To Do…but we finally paid our zoo a visit again and had a great time!  they have a penguin exhibit up and jasper lilith was very excited about watching them swim 🙂

heather and duncan went with us so we made a day out of it!  we hit a farmers market for fresh veggies and fruit, went to breakfast at one of our favorite pancake places, went on the scenic train ride along the trinity river and then headed to the zoo for the rest of the day…it was a long day but packed with good children, good friends, good food, good penguins and good times 🙂

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jasper lilith is hanging out very patiently while we get our act together 🙂

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here she is cheesing for the camera 🙂

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and here she is petting her favorite komodo dragon…she can be exhausted with her head on my shoulder (which she was – no nap, long day and alot of running equals a tired little girl) and still wriggle down to climb, play, stand and pet that bronze!

whatcha reading?

jasper has a favorite book these days and, well, saying that we read it alot just doesn’t begin to cover how many times a day i read that book to her!  or jon reads that book to her! 

or she reads that book to us!

pull up a diaper changing pad, why don’t you?

jasper lilith has developed this little habit of pulling her diaper changing pad down from the counter, dragging it into the living room and lying down on it to watch her noggin shows…or she will drag it into the kitchen while i am cooking and lay down on it to keep me company…

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it looks like she has made herself quite comfortable, doesn’t it?

color me happy…

finally!!  perserverance has paid off and jasper lilith is coloring!!  not eating the crayons, not organizing the markers, not arranging the chalk but actually using them all!! 

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i have learned that it is best to just strip her down because although everything (including the crayons – ah, the science of crayola!) says it is “washable” (and it really is, jasper-tested and all), i still don’t want to see her cute clothes all marked up… and it seems like it is just as much fun to mark all over one’s self as it is to mark all over paper…who knew?  oh, wait…i knew that 🙂

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