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i’m a mess! i’m a big, ol’ messy mess!

jon cut open a watermelon this afternoon and we all feasted on the sticky redness of summer…  it was so good!

we had a boiled seafood feast last weekend and bought the watermelon for dessert but we stuffed outselves so full of shrimp that there was no room for melon!  and each night since then, we keep meaning to eat it but it gets too late or we forget or the world conspires against us and the poor melon has been sitting in our fridge since saturday…  but today we finally made watermelon time!

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jasper lilith tried out the rind as well but found she liked that less than the red stuff – uh, huh, i could have told you that, monkey!

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ah, back to the red stuff! 

mom, i can’t remember if i have pointed out her necklace before or not?  recognize it?  it is my old puka necklace and locket from hawaii…  it is still in good shape and jasper loves to wear it – she has learned to be very careful with it and doesn’t tug on it so i let her wear it when she asks…  or i let her wear it when she climbs up and gets it herself 🙂

chalk on the driveway…

we had a chalky, messy, good time playing in the driveway today…  jasper can say “chalk” although it sounds more like “chak” and she was very clear today about wanting to color outside so we did 🙂

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jasper lilith draws all around her as far as her arms can go and i draw everywhere else 🙂

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ah, here she goes – expanding her chalk circle a bit 🙂

little monkey…

how many times i have used that title already?  let’s see…  she has been walking since she was 11 months old so…  hmmm, ok, i give up, let’s just say “alot”!

jasper lilith has discovered another way to add to my gray hair collection…  she has started climbing from her stool to the toilet and then traversing dead space to get to the bathroom sink… 

so today i walked in and saw jasper filling the bathroom sink up while sitting in it – all curled up and crouched in the sink!  it was funny and cute but then i thought about her falling backward or turning on the hot water and burning herself…  and then it became less funny and cute…

a little later, i heard much singing and hooting so i thought, “she is way too excited to be doing something she is allowed to do…”  and sure enough, this time she was standing up on the bathroom counter trying to put her puka necklace on (which i keep hung up on the mirror and, previously, out of her reach) while dancing in front of the mirror…  again, funny and cute except for the incredibly dangerous element!!

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this is jasper attempting to get down before i see her up there…  it’s too late, sweetie!  i can see you!!

and then later on the same day, i hear the water running in the bathroom (which used to mean she was having a tea party but now apparantly can also mean she is bathing in the sink) and go in there to scold her and she is laying on her changing pad, arms behind her head, and turning on the water faucets with her feet!  just laying there and playing in the water with her feet… 

oh, gray hairs…  the gray hairs!

“here, mama, it’s for you…”

jasper lilith brought me a flower today…  just for me 🙂

now admittedly, it is an almost dead canna lily she found on the ground but hey, i will take that!  and took it i did – with a huge smile that threatened to swallow my face whole – i was that smitten 🙂

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she came walking up to me with a sweet grin and the flower gingerly held between her thumb and forefinger and then passed it over like she was bestowing the Hope Diamond upon me…  which, in a way, she was, wasn’t she?  except yellow…  and you know, not really a diamond the size of texas…

so i put the canna in a bud vase and there it will stay until… well, just until…

now i just wish i had a video of her giving it to me because “awww…” doesn’t even begin to cover how cute she was 🙂

oh and by the way!  our little girl can swim!  she is still in arm floaties (you know, these things) but she can kick her way from one end to the pool to the other (and does not appreciate any help from me, oh no!), i am not exaggerating…  i didn’t even have to give her lessons, just showed her what to do a couple of times and she instinctively went from there!  jasper is also very good about being dunked under water (she isn’t scared and doesn’t freak out about being fully submerged) and likes to jump off the edge of the pool as well…  it is only the beginning of the swimming season and she is already doing what alot of kids twice her age can’t (or won’t) do…  she just learns so quickly, it startles me! 

i would shoot some pictures of her dog paddling and jumping into the water but i haven’t figured out how to actually take said pictures with a (non-waterproof) camera in addition to a ready-to-go-swim (and very wiggley) toddler, an overflowing beach bag, a beckoning pool and only two (count them – two!) hands… 

now, hmm, where is my “proud parent”  t-shirt? 

tea on top of the toilet, anyone?

so here is jasper lilith setting up her tea set and enjoying a one girl and one giraffe tea party…  on the toilet…  yep, the toilet 🙂

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she likes to use the toilet as her “table” because she has access to the water faucet to fill her tea cups up, wash her plates, make a mess and completely soak herself in the process…  she, of course, is having a grand time!

in fact, i kept having to sneak in to take the pictures this time because if she looked up and saw me there, she would take my hand, walk me back to the computer chair, pat it suggestively (refusal was unacceptable!), wait until i sat down, tell me to stay there (at least, i am pretty sure that is what she was saying), nod her head when i said “ok, sweetie…”, check to make sure i was still sitting down as she leaves the room and then she would go on about her business of tea partying…  i am dead serious – i got the “sit right here and let me do my thing, mama!” talking to at least 3 times!

it was hilarious!  i mean, i couldn’t have asked for a better performance for a silent movie star – in fact, due to the tendency for the silent movie stars to be Really Bad Actors, i really couldn’t have asked for a better performance 🙂

man, i love this little girl!

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so here she is – standing on top of her stool and washing a tea plate very diligently…  and then she would lick it dry…  really…

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and here she is “testing” the “tea” to make sure that it was… what?  safe?  good?  miraculously turned from tap water to real tea?  i don’t know and i don’t care because she couldn’t have been any cuter 🙂

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ah, see?  the girl knows how to share!  ok, so she is sharing with her favorite giraffe but still!  it is sharing 🙂 

and each of those tea cups are filled with water – i mean, tea… 

a bamboo cup…

here is jasper lilith enjoying the bamboo cup pop made her 🙂

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king for a day…

happy father’s day to all daddies – new, semi-new, not-so-new and old hat!

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there is my little family right there!  all wrapped up into each other and making a perfect father/daughter picture 🙂

we had a very relaxing weekend – our first time that i can use the word “relaxing”  to describe our weekend without sarcasm in my voice (our weekends have been booked up and go, go, go for a long time now)!

saturday was spent being productive (productive in our house means we got some things done but not all) and then the evening was spent with friends, grilled hot dogs and coldplay videos (thanks mtv2!!)…  heather, they are stillrunning the coldplay playlists!!  we stayed up way too late watching both the good and the bad videos but we got sucked in and it was very, very hard to pull ourselves out of the world of music videos…

and then sunday we did nothing…  well, ok, we actually did stuff but the stuff we did involved brunch, a pool, crab legs and hanging out…  not all at the same time though… no, that would be weird…

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jasper lilith (oops, i mean jon) got a big, fat, crown balloon with a happy father’s day “card”  that jasper (with a tad bit of help from her mama) made for him along with a really groovy, most beautifully tall and gangly orchid…  i painted jasper’s feet blue to get the imprints (and subsequently got tiny blue footprints in strange places around the house even after i washed them) and then she went to town with markers and stickers…  it was fun watching her play around while making it and it was even better watching jon appreciate the final result 🙂 

it is our first jasper lilith artwork to be hung up in the house 🙂

happy father’s day, jon!  jasper and i love you humongous! 

pool time!

mom got a wading pool for jasper lilith to play in and play in it she did!  we spent our mornings out in the water and our afternoons out with the horses 🙂

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look at all the balls!  jasper collected them from all over to put in the pool with her…  and jasper had to dress up the bathing suit with a little bling by putting one of her bead necklaces on… 

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she liked to put all the balls in the pool, sit around for a minute or two, then throw all the balls out of the pool and then go get them again to start the process all over…  and over… and over!

all i did was sit on a lounge chair, laugh and take pictures – she entertained herself!

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aw, man, isn’t she a doll?

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so the first day started out with a swimsuit on…  the second day i just put the swim diaper on her and didn’t worry about the bathing suit…

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and then the third day, i just left her in her very own skin suit 🙂 

i had to put some shoes on her to keep her cute feet from being stickered up but other than that, the girl just stayed naked 🙂 

i mean, who is going to see her?  the dogs, cats and horses? 

of course, jasper didn’t want to put her clothes back on once we came in the house but as i told her, potty training is the way to get naked in the house for longer than a couple of minutes!

hi-tech girl…

mom’s mp3 player is getting quite the workout from jasper lilith!

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kuga the cat and jasper the little girl…

kuga is a great cat (one of those rare ones that loves people and affection like a dog does) and she was super cool with jasper…  even with jasper lilith following her around…  everywhere…  even under the table 🙂

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