happy father’s day to all daddies – new, semi-new, not-so-new and old hat!

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there is my little family right there!  all wrapped up into each other and making a perfect father/daughter picture 🙂

we had a very relaxing weekend – our first time that i can use the word “relaxing”  to describe our weekend without sarcasm in my voice (our weekends have been booked up and go, go, go for a long time now)!

saturday was spent being productive (productive in our house means we got some things done but not all) and then the evening was spent with friends, grilled hot dogs and coldplay videos (thanks mtv2!!)…  heather, they are stillrunning the coldplay playlists!!  we stayed up way too late watching both the good and the bad videos but we got sucked in and it was very, very hard to pull ourselves out of the world of music videos…

and then sunday we did nothing…  well, ok, we actually did stuff but the stuff we did involved brunch, a pool, crab legs and hanging out…  not all at the same time though… no, that would be weird…

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jasper lilith (oops, i mean jon) got a big, fat, crown balloon with a happy father’s day “card”  that jasper (with a tad bit of help from her mama) made for him along with a really groovy, most beautifully tall and gangly orchid…  i painted jasper’s feet blue to get the imprints (and subsequently got tiny blue footprints in strange places around the house even after i washed them) and then she went to town with markers and stickers…  it was fun watching her play around while making it and it was even better watching jon appreciate the final result 🙂 

it is our first jasper lilith artwork to be hung up in the house 🙂

happy father’s day, jon!  jasper and i love you humongous!