so here is jasper lilith setting up her tea set and enjoying a one girl and one giraffe tea party…  on the toilet…  yep, the toilet 🙂

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she likes to use the toilet as her “table” because she has access to the water faucet to fill her tea cups up, wash her plates, make a mess and completely soak herself in the process…  she, of course, is having a grand time!

in fact, i kept having to sneak in to take the pictures this time because if she looked up and saw me there, she would take my hand, walk me back to the computer chair, pat it suggestively (refusal was unacceptable!), wait until i sat down, tell me to stay there (at least, i am pretty sure that is what she was saying), nod her head when i said “ok, sweetie…”, check to make sure i was still sitting down as she leaves the room and then she would go on about her business of tea partying…  i am dead serious – i got the “sit right here and let me do my thing, mama!” talking to at least 3 times!

it was hilarious!  i mean, i couldn’t have asked for a better performance for a silent movie star – in fact, due to the tendency for the silent movie stars to be Really Bad Actors, i really couldn’t have asked for a better performance 🙂

man, i love this little girl!

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so here she is – standing on top of her stool and washing a tea plate very diligently…  and then she would lick it dry…  really…

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and here she is “testing” the “tea” to make sure that it was… what?  safe?  good?  miraculously turned from tap water to real tea?  i don’t know and i don’t care because she couldn’t have been any cuter 🙂

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ah, see?  the girl knows how to share!  ok, so she is sharing with her favorite giraffe but still!  it is sharing 🙂 

and each of those tea cups are filled with water – i mean, tea…