jasper lilith brought me a flower today…  just for me 🙂

now admittedly, it is an almost dead canna lily she found on the ground but hey, i will take that!  and took it i did – with a huge smile that threatened to swallow my face whole – i was that smitten 🙂

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she came walking up to me with a sweet grin and the flower gingerly held between her thumb and forefinger and then passed it over like she was bestowing the Hope Diamond upon me…  which, in a way, she was, wasn’t she?  except yellow…  and you know, not really a diamond the size of texas…

so i put the canna in a bud vase and there it will stay until… well, just until…

now i just wish i had a video of her giving it to me because “awww…” doesn’t even begin to cover how cute she was 🙂

oh and by the way!  our little girl can swim!  she is still in arm floaties (you know, these things) but she can kick her way from one end to the pool to the other (and does not appreciate any help from me, oh no!), i am not exaggerating…  i didn’t even have to give her lessons, just showed her what to do a couple of times and she instinctively went from there!  jasper is also very good about being dunked under water (she isn’t scared and doesn’t freak out about being fully submerged) and likes to jump off the edge of the pool as well…  it is only the beginning of the swimming season and she is already doing what alot of kids twice her age can’t (or won’t) do…  she just learns so quickly, it startles me! 

i would shoot some pictures of her dog paddling and jumping into the water but i haven’t figured out how to actually take said pictures with a (non-waterproof) camera in addition to a ready-to-go-swim (and very wiggley) toddler, an overflowing beach bag, a beckoning pool and only two (count them – two!) hands… 

now, hmm, where is my “proud parent”  t-shirt?