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i’m a mess! i’m a big, ol’ messy mess!

jon cut open a watermelon this afternoon and we all feasted on the sticky redness of summer…  it was so good!

we had a boiled seafood feast last weekend and bought the watermelon for dessert but we stuffed outselves so full of shrimp that there was no room for melon!  and each night since then, we keep meaning to eat it but it gets too late or we forget or the world conspires against us and the poor melon has been sitting in our fridge since saturday…  but today we finally made watermelon time!

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jasper lilith tried out the rind as well but found she liked that less than the red stuff – uh, huh, i could have told you that, monkey!

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ah, back to the red stuff! 

mom, i can’t remember if i have pointed out her necklace before or not?  recognize it?  it is my old puka necklace and locket from hawaii…  it is still in good shape and jasper loves to wear it – she has learned to be very careful with it and doesn’t tug on it so i let her wear it when she asks…  or i let her wear it when she climbs up and gets it herself 🙂


chalk on the driveway…

we had a chalky, messy, good time playing in the driveway today…  jasper can say “chalk” although it sounds more like “chak” and she was very clear today about wanting to color outside so we did 🙂

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jasper lilith draws all around her as far as her arms can go and i draw everywhere else 🙂

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ah, here she goes – expanding her chalk circle a bit 🙂

little monkey…

how many times i have used that title already?  let’s see…  she has been walking since she was 11 months old so…  hmmm, ok, i give up, let’s just say “alot”!

jasper lilith has discovered another way to add to my gray hair collection…  she has started climbing from her stool to the toilet and then traversing dead space to get to the bathroom sink… 

so today i walked in and saw jasper filling the bathroom sink up while sitting in it – all curled up and crouched in the sink!  it was funny and cute but then i thought about her falling backward or turning on the hot water and burning herself…  and then it became less funny and cute…

a little later, i heard much singing and hooting so i thought, “she is way too excited to be doing something she is allowed to do…”  and sure enough, this time she was standing up on the bathroom counter trying to put her puka necklace on (which i keep hung up on the mirror and, previously, out of her reach) while dancing in front of the mirror…  again, funny and cute except for the incredibly dangerous element!!

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this is jasper attempting to get down before i see her up there…  it’s too late, sweetie!  i can see you!!

and then later on the same day, i hear the water running in the bathroom (which used to mean she was having a tea party but now apparantly can also mean she is bathing in the sink) and go in there to scold her and she is laying on her changing pad, arms behind her head, and turning on the water faucets with her feet!  just laying there and playing in the water with her feet… 

oh, gray hairs…  the gray hairs!