jon cut open a watermelon this afternoon and we all feasted on the sticky redness of summer…  it was so good!

we had a boiled seafood feast last weekend and bought the watermelon for dessert but we stuffed outselves so full of shrimp that there was no room for melon!  and each night since then, we keep meaning to eat it but it gets too late or we forget or the world conspires against us and the poor melon has been sitting in our fridge since saturday…  but today we finally made watermelon time!

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jasper lilith tried out the rind as well but found she liked that less than the red stuff – uh, huh, i could have told you that, monkey!

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ah, back to the red stuff! 

mom, i can’t remember if i have pointed out her necklace before or not?  recognize it?  it is my old puka necklace and locket from hawaii…  it is still in good shape and jasper loves to wear it – she has learned to be very careful with it and doesn’t tug on it so i let her wear it when she asks…  or i let her wear it when she climbs up and gets it herself 🙂