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well, ladies and gents…¬† ok, mostly, ladies ūüôā

my beautiful digital camera is broken so until we are able to get it fixed, the blog will be put on hold…¬† because words just don’t do justice to jasper lilith’s antics ūüôā

thailand doggy…

i can’t remember if i already posted this nostalgic toy scene but just in case:

arnetta, here is jasper lilith playing with jon’s childhood thailand doggy toy (hmm, that was quite a few adjectives, wasn’t it?)…¬† she likes to pull it around on the tile floor ūüôā

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she is saying, “dog!¬† dog!” in this picture…¬†

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we keep it out on the coffee table (in our big bowl of jasper toys) and i love seeing it – it makes me think of jon as a child and that just makes me smile ūüôā

kieran’s birthday party…

keiran has officially turned six years old!  leigh, your baby turned 6 today Рare you shaking your head in disbelief?

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there is kieran, the birthday boy, at the head of the¬†table and then duncan and jasper chowing down on cake and ice cream…¬† i think those are rhys’ hands ūüôā

we all had a great time at the party – it was a bounce house, cake-filled, kid party in the afternoon that morphed into an adult gathering once the sunset (and jasper lilith was put to bed!)…¬† the best of both the short and the tall worlds ūüôā

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jasper lilith is checking her da out from the inside of the bounce house…¬† which she loved by the way – leigh, if jasper could verbalize her thoughts clearly i know that she was thinking, “how come we don’t have one of these in our backyard?¬† huh, mama?¬† huh?¬† i mean really, it just doesn’t make sense not to buy me one of these big ol’ bouncy things!¬† doesn’t mama know how much she could get done if she just let me play, eat, sleep and yes, even bathe in one of these houses?¬† sheesh, our house¬†is so boring¬†in comparison!”¬† “mama!!!”

yep, that is what she was thinking!!

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and here she is taking a quick¬†break from being a cake-fueled, hyper little girl ūüôā

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ah, the two second break is up!  of course, she is going up the slide and not down the slide but who cares?  it is a bounce house Рno holds barred!

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she was full of laughter, squeals, giggles and shouts!¬† which is exactly how it¬†should be…

happy birthday day, kieran!

the rain dance…

jon and jasper lilith experiemented with rain dancing today…¬† they danced many a boogie to some bad mtv videos (i mean they were both getting down – jon wouldn’t let me take a video of their booginess…¬† i was told in no uncertain terms that my life would be forfeit if i dared record the event – who knew jon was camera shy?)

anyway, so away they danced (while i rolled on the couch laughing) and then the rain came!!  yay for the rain!!

and¬†then they went and danced in the rain, too…¬† i was allowed to take pictures of¬†the dancing in the rain ūüôā¬†

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and there is jasper lilith doing the lesser known rain stomp…

we were planning on going to the pool this evening once jon got home but the rain dancing nipped that in the bud…¬† not that it stopped them from getting all wet!

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wandering toddler in the rain…

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jasper liked running in the screen door and then out of the screen door – i guess she was feeling the heavy water fall off the roof?

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jon and jasper stomping around in the water on the patio…

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jasper lilith is telling and showing jon something but i don’t know what…¬† do you remember, babe?

i stayed dry this time around but they had a great time romping around and then heading straight to a warm bath…

that #@!%$ stool!

nothing is safe!! everything is within reach of the little girl climber!! no longer can i just move things to the middle of the kitchen counter, oh no, now she moves a bar stool to wherever, climbs up and reaches whatever it is that i.¬† don’t.¬† want.¬† her.¬† to.¬† reach!

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she wants to check out my mixer…¬† so she climbs up to investigate…¬† argh…

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later on the same day, jasper lilith wants some crackers that i have put “out of her reach“…¬† yeah, right…¬† so what does she do?¬† (argh…)

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she just moves the stool to where she wants to be, climbs up there, sits down and starts snacking…

now she has been using small stools, foot stools, various implements, chairs, toilets, drawers, boxes,¬†drums¬†and booster seats to get into high places¬†before she¬†could even walk (!)¬†so y’all might be wondering why i am not used to this yet…¬† but!¬† these are the taller bar stools and she has recently started to carry/drag them all around the house that means that pretty much nothing is out of her reach!¬†¬†

everybody say, “argh” with me…¬† louder, please, i can’t hear you!

one day i will brag about¬†jasper lilith’s¬†problem-solving skills and precocious intelligence…¬† maybe even tomorrow… but not today…¬† she ate all my crackers…

the dancey dance…

i had to take two videos of jasper lilith dancing just because i couldn’t fit all her¬†grooving¬†grooviness on one video ūüôā

we always have music or music videos on in the house and it shows because this little girl is a dancing fool!¬†¬† and then there is the “singing”…¬† no, we mustn’t¬†forget the singing…

p.s.¬† please, ignore my laugh track laughing…¬† and my finger snapping…¬† ignore the finger snapping, too…¬† it sounds like my laugh is on repeat…¬† or maybe my laugh is a stuck record…¬† but anyway, forget my laughing – focus on the girl, people, the girl!

color my feet happy…

color on the paper or in the coloring book?¬† naw,¬†that is for amateurs!¬†¬†jasper lilith¬†wants a more “interesting” canvas for her artwork ūüôā

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her feet will do the trick this time…¬† i guess drawing on her legs and arms is old hat by now…

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notice jasper putting the top back on the correct color marker…¬† more on that in a minute…

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now adding some pink to her soles…¬† hmm, i could probably turn this into a sole/soul pun but i will spare y’all…

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now jasper lilith doesn’t always keep the tops on the markers – often the tops are strewn about all over the place – but when she puts them back on the markers, they are always on the correct color of marker…¬† always…¬†

and i can’t even take the credit – i don’t¬†make a big fuss about how her tops go on – from the beginning, as long as she put the tops back on when she was done coloring, i didn’t care what color matched what…¬† but i guess she saw me do it the “correct’ way a couple of times when i¬†did it¬†and she decided that she liked the “correct” way better?¬†

i thought kids had to be¬†repetitively taught to do something like this¬†but i guess this is another instance of the all-powerful, mindblowing jasper litith observation and memory skills…¬† if she starts¬†reading soon, i will let y’all know ūüôā