nothing is safe!! everything is within reach of the little girl climber!! no longer can i just move things to the middle of the kitchen counter, oh no, now she moves a bar stool to wherever, climbs up and reaches whatever it is that i.  don’t.  want.  her.  to.  reach!

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she wants to check out my mixer…  so she climbs up to investigate…  argh…

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later on the same day, jasper lilith wants some crackers that i have put “out of her reach“…  yeah, right…  so what does she do?  (argh…)

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she just moves the stool to where she wants to be, climbs up there, sits down and starts snacking…

now she has been using small stools, foot stools, various implements, chairs, toilets, drawers, boxes, drums and booster seats to get into high places before she could even walk (!) so y’all might be wondering why i am not used to this yet…  but!  these are the taller bar stools and she has recently started to carry/drag them all around the house that means that pretty much nothing is out of her reach!  

everybody say, “argh” with me…  louder, please, i can’t hear you!

one day i will brag about jasper lilith’s problem-solving skills and precocious intelligence…  maybe even tomorrow… but not today…  she ate all my crackers…