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what is red, white and retro all over?

we took jasper lilith to the park today to go run around on her new tricycle but first, jon had to put little blocks on the pedals so she could reach easier…

and jasper helped him…

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she watched him do the first block and then obviously thought, “i can do that!”  because she went and pretty much did the second block by herself…  jon had to help with the rubber bands (which holds the blocks in place) but that was just a matter of manual dexterity…  again with the wow!

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and this is jasper supervising to make sure everything is just right

how now, brown cow?

jon calls me to the back of the house with a “daune, come see this…” so i hurry over to him and peek around the corner to see this:

jasper lilith saying, “poo, poo!” and going about the business of changing her doll’s diaper!  not that the doll has a diaper on but that doesn’t stop jasper lilith, nope!

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step 1:  pull diaper changing pad on floor for easy access, then go to the drawer where mama keeps the wipes and pull box out…

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step 2:  pull one wipe out, shut the lid and put the box back in the drawer… (thanks, sugar monkey, for putting it back up!)

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step 3:  declothe the baby doll…

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step 4:  wipe the doll’s bottom while muttering, “poo, poo” and “pee, pee” to oneself…

step 5:  express disturbance that there isn’t an actual diaper to put on the baby doll but make do with getting mama to help put the clothes back on…

step 6:  ignore the picture-taking, guffawing mama and the da who keeps saying, “wow…  wow”  to the house at large and shaking his head in disbelief…

and cut!

the appley dress of goodness…

hullo, wendy!

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here is jasper lilith wearing The Apple Dress!  it is rather big on her but that is perfect for growing so it should last some time…

i want to eat her up!

a treasure box…

dad and barbara sent a Fabulous Box of Treasure for jasper lilith’s birthday!  the Box was filled with memorabilia from my childhood and some new goodies for jasper herself…  it was fun for both of us – she got to pull things out and i got to gasp when i recognized something!

there were some outfits from when i was the little girl (some i remember clearly and some i don’t), there was a knitted poncho (that jasper will definitely be wearing come cooler weather), an clock, what else?  oh!  dad and barb had several pieces of beautiful jasper (the stone) in there for me to wear until jasper is old enough to wear them herself…  this, of course, is assuming that i will be able to part with them when the time comes 🙂

there were old pictures of me and dad, of my mom and dad’s wedding (those were neat!), some studio shots of mom and my sister and i and oh, lots more!

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here is jasper lilith wearing a top of mine from when we lived in hawaii (is that right, mom or dad?) – and this outfit i remember very well!  it has some long bottoms (way to big for jasper) to go with it and i wore this all the time!  janelle has one similiar to it with a different colors and we were pretty freaking cute in them…  just like jasper is now 🙂

thanks, guys- we love you!

your face is going to freeze that way!

jasper pats my leg to get me to look down and when i do, i see this!

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and then she growls at me…  jasper lilith is quite the growler – you have the alligator growl, the bear growl, the ‘nake (snake, remember?) growl, the dog growl and the monster growl – all very, very different…  to her, i mean, to me they all sound like a cute little girl growling the same way every time but don’t tell her i said that!

a bubbly crown of bubbles…

jon calls me into the bathroom last night with a, “you had better hurry, it won’t last long!”and so i trotted in to see jasper lilith awash with bubbles!  lots and lots of bubbles that jon began to pile on her head!

so, of course, i ran and got my camera and was a bit surprised to find her still engulfed in bubbles but whew, she was!

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“da?  what are you doing?  can i see?  where is my mirror?”

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jasper lilith pats her bubbley bouffant ‘do…  maybe it is time to add some more bubbles, you know, for volume…

a “nake”…

jasper lilith’s new “toy” is proof that toddlers don’t need toys, they just need to use their imagination! 

this little piece of yarn?  yes, it is yarn – about 4″ long?  well, that is jasper lilith’s “nake” which means “snake” without the s 🙂

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so she finds this on the floor and proceeds to run around growling (yes, i swear, growling), “nake!  nake!  nake!” while she chases me!  once she catches me, jasper then pushs the “nake” into my leg, growls at me, squeals and jumps back very, very pleased with herself…  ‘cuz the snake bit me…

and then i squeal in pretend shock and she giggles and off we go about the house again… it is pretty funny and i don’t mind being the ‘nake victim at all 🙂