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the rocking horse toy shop…

we went into this cute little toy shop off of front street while we were in natchitoches and both jasper lilith and jon had a grand time playing with the toys in that store!

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you almost can’t see jasper for all the toys, can you? 

arnetta found a really cool set of triangular crayons (so they don’t roll away or off tables) that came in a little hard carrying case (so they don’t spill in mama’s purse) for jasper and already, that crayon set paired with a coloring book has come in handy at restaurants…  i have decided that i would be crazy if i didn’t just stick it in my bag and keep it with me for jasper to use and color away the time whenever she needs to… 

at a restaurant with an energetic and bored toddler?  no problem!  pull out the coloring book (or use receipts if you have forgotten the coloring book), flourish the nifty crayon case around, give them to said toddler and watch her get busy being quiet and focused!  saved the day! 

which means that now jon and i can eat our vietnamese soup and have a conversation!


bugs and coloring books…

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just hanging out and looking for bugs…  “bug!  bug!” she chirps!

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jasper lilith is a coloring fiend!  she can’t do it enough and she will sit there and color for a surprisingly long time for a toddler…  here she is coloring while cooling down from a hot day of running aorund outside and getting into things!