jasper lilith’s new “toy” is proof that toddlers don’t need toys, they just need to use their imagination! 

this little piece of yarn?  yes, it is yarn – about 4″ long?  well, that is jasper lilith’s “nake” which means “snake” without the s 🙂

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so she finds this on the floor and proceeds to run around growling (yes, i swear, growling), “nake!  nake!  nake!” while she chases me!  once she catches me, jasper then pushs the “nake” into my leg, growls at me, squeals and jumps back very, very pleased with herself…  ‘cuz the snake bit me…

and then i squeal in pretend shock and she giggles and off we go about the house again… it is pretty funny and i don’t mind being the ‘nake victim at all 🙂