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august 27, 2008…

jasper lilith turned two on that day!!  whoop, wow and wowsa!

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we didn’t do much – just a tiny little cake and a big fat birthday balloon – she knew what the cake was for though and ran to get the #2 candle that we used on the big party cake last saturday!  jasper lilith ran for the candle, went to the drawer with the lighter in it and once she saw the lighter in my hand, she ran for her seat…  giggling, “cake!  cake!” the entire way…

i think the 2 year old wants some cake…


the dog that barks, sits and walks… all without breathing…

maxine, she loves this toy dog! 

within the first hour of opening her present, jasper lilith had tried all the functions out and decided that she needed to feed the dog after working it/her/him so hard…

so she went and dug a bowl out of her kitchen drawer (we keep all of her dishware down where she can reach it – that way, i can say, “get a plate out, sweetie…”and she can!  sure, call it laziness but i chose to think of it as building independence!  oops, i sidetracked – ok, on to the story:

jasper lilith got a bowl out, went to the dog food bin and said, “dog!  food, food!”really loudly until i popped my head around the corner to see what she wanted…  well, she wanted some dogfood to put in her bowl so i humored her, curious to see where this was going, and gave her several bits of dogfood…  she put them in the bowl, walked carefully over to the little toy dog and put the bowl in front of it/him/her!

ha!  and then she proceeded to pat the head and talk to it – just like she does our dogs, by the way, while they are eating – which i am sure they appreciate 🙂

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here she is delivering the food…

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and here she is standing guard while the dog…  eats?  sits there? 

later, she puts the dog and the dogfood bowl on the table beside her supper and then pitches a true fit when i inform her that “dogs don’t eat on the table, they eat on the floor…”  man, she was not happy to hear about that – i am pretty sure that she accused me of separatism in her little tirade!

then today, jasper lilith continues with the “just like our real dogs” routine and gets it into her head that the toy dog needs a shower…  a.  shower…

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so she strips down to nothing, climbs into the shower and starts to “bathe” the toy!  man, this is good stuff!  better than what you find on tv these days!

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luckily, she was content to dry bathe the dog and just pretended to put soap on the toy – i was ready to step in to prevent that but didn’t have to…  of course, i wasn’t really supposed to be watching her – she kept telling me to, “go, go…” and would then shut the shower door in my face…  but hey, i can be persistent, too…

so maxine, you can see that your gift has already gone quite a long way to providing us all with amusement and i see no end in sight!

the barrettes…

lately, jasper lilith has developed a taste for barrettes…  lots and lots of barrettes…  worn all at once in her hair…

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she goes into her “hair” drawer and brings me her hair brush and a handful of barrettes and believe me when i say that this is a case where it is just easier to put them in her hair like she wants me to…  you know, instead of putting my foot down and explaining to a two year old why she can’t have a herd of barrettes in her hair…

of course, then i have to deal with people looking askance at her barretted head or even asking me about it but, hey, still easier!   and much more fun…

the radio flyer tricycle experience times two…

expect to see many future pictures of jasper lilith and her tricycle – she is just so cute on it!  she can already pedal forward and backward but still can’t quite reach the pedals at full extention so she doesn’t go far 🙂 …  she has the motions down just not the locomotion part…

however, she can sit on the top step and push it around quite easily as well as standing on the bottom step and kicking off the floor – although she has no control when she does that because she can’t reach the handle bars at the same time!  it is pretty hilarious watching her get acquainted with it and figure it out and play with it…  she is very curious about all the parts and keeps going through each part and asking the name of it…

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jasper also decided that the back step was the perfect place to put her bag…  i guess she needed it for the long trip?

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here is her da helping her go forward…

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“yes, baby, your bag is still on there…”

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and here comes da to the rescue again!

the radio flyer classic tricycle experience!

jon and i got jasper lilith a really cool retro radio flyer trike – i mean, it is cool!  makes me wish i had an adult version – you know, the two wheel kind 🙂

we weren’t sure what she would make of it but you would think that girl has been asking for a tricycle for months the way she reacted when jon wheeled it into the room! 

there was gasping, squealing, hand-clapping and even a little happy-dance, i think!  it was pretty much the most perfect reaction a parent can hope for 🙂

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david caught some of the hand-clapping and also caught me laughing at how excited she was!

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here jasper lilith is already looking rather proprietary of her new trike! 

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the trike is a little big for her just yet – she can’t quite reach the pedals at full extension but it won’t be long before that isn’t an issue – the way that girl grows like jack’s beanstalk!

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jon gives her a push!

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of course, jasper loves the bell – that is the first thing she went for after climbing onto the trike – it is such an old-fashioned sound, i like to ring it as much as she does…  well, almost!  the funny part is that she has to put all her weight into ringing the bell so it is a masterful feat each time!

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yep, can’t quite reach but she still gets along! 

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here is jack talking to jasper lilith about…  what?  the proper way to ride a trike?  how best to ring the bell?  how not to stand on the seat like a daredevil?  i haven’t a clue but she is definitely listening, isn’t she?

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and here is duncan helping our little girl out, too – all the boys were into helping her and playing with her!  they are so sweet to her and she is so lucky to have them as playmates 🙂

again, i can’t accurately express how wonderful a time we had with our family and friends there to celebrate jasper lilith’s birthday with us – every one of you guys made it that much more special and reminded us of how lucky we are to have such a wonderful clan!  our house was filled with the noise of happy people and that is a very good thing…

to all of our family and friends that couldn’t make it:  your presence was missed and we love you all!

and here are just some of the gifts…

again, where to start?  our family and friends filled the living room with presents and jasper lilith filled the air with her excited gasps and happy hand-clapping – how can you put that into words?  you can’t…  even pictures don’t do the experience justice.

jasper paid attention to each present and we had a hard time getting her to move on to the next one – she wanted to read, sit or play with what she had just gotten!  and then she would get excited when she realized that there was something else she could unwrap!  she had a great time and we all had a great time watching her enjoy and soak up each gift…  it was pretty amazing…

not every present is represented here but i will be taking photos of jasper lilith playing, wearing or reading all her gifts for the next while – that way, everybody’s cool gifts get some time to shine!

speaking of pictures, i realized early on that there was no way to run around and be hostess, mama and photographer at the same time so david was willing to take on the photographer role (let us know when you want the “hostess”role, david, and i will be sureto be the photographer for that!)…  so all the pictures are courtesy of him – thanks, dave!

ok, so let’s get this show on the road!

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here you see the neat rocker that arnetta/gram picked up for jasper and she is opening the alligator box from gram, too!  she loves that alligator box and it is currently enjoying being used as her coloring book box…  it was too cute to throw away and that is saying something for me, isn’t it?

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and the perfect gift from heather to go with the rocker – books!!  jasper lilith loves books and she was very excited about these! 

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she pulled out the books, sat in the rocker and started reading to herself – never mind the 20 people all waiting for her to move on to the next present, no!  she was perfectly content to stop there and let us go about our own business 🙂

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but we persevered and got her to start opening more gifts…  this was a smart buy from leigh (it has a story behind it but that is for another day) – a big home depot bucket and a pair of drum sticks!  jasper was a bit hesitant at first but it wasn’t long before she was pounding away like a pro…  and still is – she is really getting a kick out of not only using the bucket as a drum but also using it as a seat for her stuffed toys, a stool to reach things that are supposed to be out of her reach and a table top for her tea set…

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ah, here is where jasper feels that david needs something to open too!

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mom/nana got jasper lilith her very first baby doll!  at this point, she really likes to brush the dolls bald head 🙂

oh, you can see the little silver bracelet that gram got her – it is silver beads with a silver J engraved on a little alphabet block – so cute and she loves to wear it!

wendy and arnetta, all her groovy new clothes will have to be in a follow-up fashion show!

the birthday cake!!

we had such a wonderful birthday party that i don’t even know where to begin!  i don’t know what to mention first:  all the wonderful people, all the neat gifts, all the boys playing with jasper and watching out for her or the good food?

i guess i will start with the quintessential birthday element – the cake even though the cake was actually somewhere in the middle of the party 🙂

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here is jasper lilith preparing to blow out the candles…  she is puckering up and getting ready!

oh, and yes, that is a black-eye…  the bathtub and jasper lilith went a round or two and, well, frankly, the bathtub won…  and now her most recent shiner is immortalized!

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there she blows!!  and with a little help from her mama, the candles go out but i know that she is pretty sure that she blew them out herself…

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now that the cake isn’t on fire anymore, jasper lilith feels free to dig a finger into the icing!

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this is jasper lililth before digging into the piece of cake…

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and this is jasper after!  much, much cleaner than last year, isn’t it?

wait, i can prove it!

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see?  i told you – this is what she looked like last year…  is that the same girl???!!! 

yep, just one year older…