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leggo my eggo…

jasper lilith loves the leggos – she will spend 30 minutes or more stacking them and organizing them…  she is so intense and focused for a little two year old! 

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fair and vicky, i don’t know if you can see it but jasper lililth is sitting on the little stuffed german shepard that you guys gave her last christmas 🙂

don’t ask me why she is sitting on it – either the dog is giving her a “ride” or she is using the toy as a pillow…  either way, poor dog! 

as an aside, she calls this toy her “dog” but the other dog toy she has (the animated one) is her “puppy” and let me tell you, she corrects me when i get that mixed up!  between the stern look on her face, the vigorous head shaking and the “no, mama!  dog” correction, it isn’t a mistake i make often 🙂

the dog is also her Premium Sleeping Toy…  she will add an extra toy to sleep with sometimes (to keep the dog company?) but has to have this one or it is Trouble with a capital “T”… 

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you can tell that jasper lilith picks her own shoes out 🙂

i dress her and put her hair up (if she wants the bajillion barrette look, i give it to her but for the most part, she lets me do what i want with her hair) but she has full access to her shoes and she is picky, picky – i don’t bother trying to pick them out myself, i just tell her to go get some shoes and she runs to her closet and puts on the ones she wants to wear that day! 

right now, she is big on the boot look…  with everything…

addendum:  she just came to sit in my lap and look at the pictures with me and i was telling her, “that’s you, sweetie, that’s jasper…” and she looks at me and goes, “i know!”  (like, duh, mama) and then tells me, “boots mine, too!”  well, sheesh, monkey!


or the nobel prize, it is totally up to her…

jasper lilith has pulled all her toys out of her cubby hole and decides to make a toy angel by laying down on top of them and wiggling around until she forms a jasper-shaped spot…  then she pulls her little sleeping bag over herself and lays there with this pleased grin on her face like she just won the pulitzer (which she probably will, of course, in due time)… 

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yes, yes, yes, it is a powder puff girl sleeping bag…  heather, don’t even say it!

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and then she starts giggling and stuffing toys underneath her like a little dragon baby hoarding all the gold…  odd child of mine…


jasper lilith loves the coat closet – she likes to shut herself in the little closet when she wants to play hide and seek, when she wants to poo (oy, the future teenage jasper will love that i mentioned that to the world) and when she wants to be alone…  really… 

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today the closet was hide and seek central…  she is popping out of the closet while shouting, “boo!!  boo!!”…  and growling like the little tiger that she is 🙂

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i can tell you two things about jasper lilith that this closet of hers makes very clear…  1)  she isn’t afraid of the dark (well, we don’t use nightlights either so that makes sense) and 2)  she isn’t afraid of tight spaces…  ok, then, got it!