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no, no, no!

warning:  it is entirely possible that only jon and i find this cute and funny – all the other people in the world who are not jasper lilith’s parents might just find it annoying! 

consider yourself warned…  now turn your volume up…

i don’t think she feels like being immortalized right now, do you?  but jon kept it rolling and now we have that awfully cute, scrunched up, “no” face recorded for all time – you are very welcome, jasper!  

she will thank us when she is old enough to realize how funny that is…  well, maybe not thank us…

oh, and by the way, my sister has started up a blog of her own called yankeebell and it showcases all of her kiddos (which would be jasper lilith’s cousins, see?) doing all kinds of kiddo things!  they live a busy, busy life and now we get to watch it happen!


sock it to me…

ok, get this:  you might have noticed that jasper lilith likes all things to do with feet – shoes, socks, toe nail polish, slippers – she likes it all…  well, today, jasper decided to extend her love of socks to several of her lucky premier toys! 

these pictures are “as is” – i didn’t have to do anything to make this as, uh, jasperfied (it’s a new word, go with it…) as it already is…

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she pulled out all of her socks and, well, the picture says it all…  the funny part (well, the other funny part) was that she only wanted to put socks on these three toys – none of the other toys made the cut, i guess…

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and then when the socks weren’t enough, jasper lilith moved onto shoes…  she put her favorite boots on the giraffe and was very disturbed that she was only able to do two feet…  well, jon, clearly i have to get her some more boots – the giraffe needs them!!  right?

i can’t say this enough – the girl is better than television!!

it is zoo time!!

we have been getting the leftovers from the hurricane the last several days but it cleared up late last night and turned today into a gorgeous, untexas-like fall day!  the breeze was cool and it didn’t get over low 80’s so, of course, we had to go to the zoo!  i mean, we would have to be crazy not to go to the zoo on a day like today! 

so we did…  go to the zoo, i mean…

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jasper lilith, her da and the flamingos…  she kept saying, “oh, no!  oh, no” every time a feather would fly off and would also say, “poo!  poo!” when they dropped some birdie poo…  she amused the bystanders 🙂

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aww times two…

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holy canoli!!  jon must have stolen the camera!

we had a great morning at the zoo and i am excited that the weather is starting to allow us to get outside again!  i have missed our zoo 🙂

the guitar duo…

our little family spent the evening hanging out with dave, heather and duncan the other night and duncan taught jasper some guitar moves…  he threw that guitar on and totally rocked out on it – hips gyrating, arms akimbo, musician’s scowl in place, i mean, he really got into it!  he was fantastically hilarious!   i have some rather blurry pictures of his down and dirty playing but, well, they are blurry

needless to say, jasper lilith thought he was about the coolest thing since words on paper and got right in there with him – crashing the cymbals (need i mention how loud that was?  no, i didn’t think so…), jumping up and down, grabbing the little microphone and singing along with him – between the two of them, we had an america’s funniest home video winner right there!  did i get a video?  no…  yes, i said no…  i was so into watching them and laughing and being amazed that i forgot to record it so everybody else could watch them and be amazed!  so you will just have to take it from me – duncan and jasper lilith can really, really rock!

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heather, i wish upon a star that i had gotten a shot of those two playing together!!