our little family spent the evening hanging out with dave, heather and duncan the other night and duncan taught jasper some guitar moves…  he threw that guitar on and totally rocked out on it – hips gyrating, arms akimbo, musician’s scowl in place, i mean, he really got into it!  he was fantastically hilarious!   i have some rather blurry pictures of his down and dirty playing but, well, they are blurry

needless to say, jasper lilith thought he was about the coolest thing since words on paper and got right in there with him – crashing the cymbals (need i mention how loud that was?  no, i didn’t think so…), jumping up and down, grabbing the little microphone and singing along with him – between the two of them, we had an america’s funniest home video winner right there!  did i get a video?  no…  yes, i said no…  i was so into watching them and laughing and being amazed that i forgot to record it so everybody else could watch them and be amazed!  so you will just have to take it from me – duncan and jasper lilith can really, really rock!

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heather, i wish upon a star that i had gotten a shot of those two playing together!!