ok, get this:  you might have noticed that jasper lilith likes all things to do with feet – shoes, socks, toe nail polish, slippers – she likes it all…  well, today, jasper decided to extend her love of socks to several of her lucky premier toys! 

these pictures are “as is” – i didn’t have to do anything to make this as, uh, jasperfied (it’s a new word, go with it…) as it already is…

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she pulled out all of her socks and, well, the picture says it all…  the funny part (well, the other funny part) was that she only wanted to put socks on these three toys – none of the other toys made the cut, i guess…

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and then when the socks weren’t enough, jasper lilith moved onto shoes…  she put her favorite boots on the giraffe and was very disturbed that she was only able to do two feet…  well, jon, clearly i have to get her some more boots – the giraffe needs them!!  right?

i can’t say this enough – the girl is better than television!!