so jasper lilith is an independent little 2 year old – the girl likes her me time!

i have gotten used to her going into her room and doing whatever it is she does in there all by herself – i peek my head around the corner to make sure she is ok (boy, it gets quiet in there sometimes!) ever so often but otherwise let her be – hey, her me time is my me time, too!!  and i try to be careful she doesn’t see me because i don’t want her to feel smothered and also because i get scolded when she sees me checking up on her…  that is right, scolded!   but i figure i am in training as much as she is and it is good for me to remember that everybody, no matter their age, needs alone time!

unless i spy a picture-worthy moment of oh-my-god-isn’t-she-cute!  or a wow-is-this-normal moment… and then all bets are off!

and this would be one of those wow moments:  a bit after her nap, i hear what seems like the entire bookcase being emptied and rush on in (gray hair, anyone?) only to find jasper lilith pulling out a bunch of her books and making a big pile of them on the recliner…  of course, i am thinking, “what in the world is she doing?” so i hang back and just watch her…  she continues to pick out books and add to the pile and then climbs up beside them and starts to read them – one by one!

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i find it cute but once she is settled into her spot, i go about my own business…  i keep checking on her every once in a while (got a scolding when she caught me once) and watch the pile of books grow smaller as the pile of “done” books on the floor grows bigger…  every once in a while, she would call me into the room to make an animal noise at me (moo, baa-baa, cock-a-doodle-doo, whatever fits the story she is reading at the time) or show me a picture but then she tells me to “go, mama…”  when she is done with me…  i think she has figured out that i am at her beck and call, hasn’t she?

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jasper lilth keeps up the reading for about an hour – can you believe it?  that is a pretty impressive attention span for a two year old!  and she doesn’t come out until she has read all the books in the pile 🙂

and let me tell you, it was a very nice and quiet hour!!  thanks, little monkey!