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just another girl shaving her face…

and here we have our little monkey…  shaving her face…  just like her daddy does… have to watch out for that 5 o’ clock shadow, don’t you, little one?

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and she gets all the details right!  she does exactly what jon does – his routine exactly – down to toweling her face dry at the end and putting the shaving brush back in the “right” place 🙂

mom, this would be the retentive memory we talked about at work and in motion!

she doesn’t get to use the razor, of course, although she tried that first time!  seriously, the razor was almost part of the act the first time…  just another gray hair – that hair in particular is named The Day Jasper Wanted To Shave Her Skin Off…

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she has the shaving brush in his soap pot and is making sure the brush is filled with good messy soapiness!

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and now she is smearing the soapiness all over her face…

such a proud moment for any mother – my little girl has learned to shave her face!

the lazy daisy…

jasper lilith and her powder puffs sleeping bag!  she goes in phases about this sleeping bag – sometimes she loves it and sometimes she wants nothing to do with it…

we are back in the love phase now and what she loves to do is cuddle up in it on the floor and watch her morning cartoons…

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however, if one of the dogs dares to make a bed out of it, she gets very upset and runs over and says, “no, woan!” or “no, mockah!” – usually it is mocker that is the culprit…

she pulls the sleeping bag out from the offending dog and puts in on the couch (a dog-free zone) and pats the bag a little like she is comforting it…

i guess she figures if she can’t lay on their beds then they can’t lay on hers?

the girl likes to color…

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thank the lord for crayons and markers!!

sometime when i am cooking, jasper lilith decides that she needs my utmost attention and when she doesn’t get it, well, the operative word is “unhappy”…  i could think of some other words but let’s just stick with that one…

but crayons!!  whew, crayons can save the day!!  she will give up on me and run and get her art box (which always gives me a good 30 minutes to an hour of time), spill the box onto the floor and go to town with her colors and little pads of paper!

and then we have a happy house again!

and roan gets a hat, too…

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jasper lilith is trying to pass on her love of hats to roan…  and he is pretty much letting her 🙂

good doggie, roan!

boo at the zoo…

last night was a fun affair!  the fort worth zoo put on a halloween event for kiddos called Boo at the Zoo and we spent the evening running around the zoo in the dark!  it was a gorgeous evening for it and we had a candy-filled fun time with jasper lilith keeping us (and everyone else who saw her) entertained!  they had the zoo paths light up with japanese lanterns, glowing pumpkins and foggy lights and the atmosphere was a tricky (HA!) combination of kiddy fun and adult spookiness… i was impressed…

as a preview to halloween trick or treating, we dressed her up in her costume and man, a cuter supergirl has never before existed!  we will definitely take her trick or treating around our neighborhood next friday night but she had a ball running around in her costume and didn’t want to take it off when we got home!  in fact, i am already preparing to have jasper want to wear her costume everywhere now – the supermarket, the gym, the park, you know, anywhere supergirl is needed!

and yes, i will probably let her 🙂

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she is saying, “cheese!” super loud here – if you listen closely, you might even be able to still hear her!

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supergirl found a mutant pumpkin!

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they had “treat stations” spread all around the zoo and here jasper lilith is pulling her daddy while saying, “treats!  treats!” in a manner that could not be ignored 🙂

does jon look like he is resisting here?  oh, sweetie, don’t you know that resisting the jasper is futile?

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my two favorite people in the world share some candy… “hey, can i have some?”

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they had a tot-sized hay maze set up and jasper lilith wandered around the thing munching on candy for a time… i dont think she was that interested in getting out – she was pretty focused on eating her nerds and watching the other kids muddle around her… what a cute litte head poking out amoungst the hay bales!

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ah, supergirl is starting to get tired…

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spider webs and lollipops – the perfect pseudo-halloween night!

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here is a crowd scene – all blurry from a high iso on my camera to compensate for the darkness but i thought it was a neat crowd shot… the fog is real though – they had fog machines hidden throughout the paths and it was a spooky effect…  i think i like the zoo at night better than the day even!

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and here is where jasper lilith’s head says, “thanz you an’ goo ‘nite!” (that is thank you and good night to all those non-jasper parents out there!)

happy almost halloween!

fort worth water gardens…

jon has spent the last several days at the texas board of architects convention down in fort worth and we finally went to go visit him during a break…

we wandered the booths for a bit and then headed outside to explore the water gardens…

jasper had a great time with her da and loved all the fountains and the water pools that are in the gardens…

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this one is the big one that you walk down floating steps to get to the center and it is cool because when you get down to the last platform all you can hear and see is water and sky – you look around and the walls are high enough that you can’t see the city; you just see the water pouring down and the bit of sky above you…

the last time that jasper lilith was down in the big fountain (i guess about a year ago?), she did not like it – the sound of the water was too loud, i guess…  she hid her head in my shoulder and wouldn’t look up again until we had trekked back up the stairs and she could hear people and birds again 🙂

but this time, she was fascinated by all the water and noise around her and jon had quite the time keeping her up in his arms!

baby bunnies…

mom, jasper and i found some tiny little baby bunnies out in the pasture while we were down there and i thought i would share how cute they were!

all together now, everybody say, “awwww…”

we had the rabbit version of the secret of nimh going on because richard saw them as he was about to mow right over them!  we were able to save two but the third one was in pretty bad shape – they were so tiny!

we made sure the others were ok and put them all back in their little burrow and checked up on them the next day – the injured one was gone (the momma probably moved him out and away from the healthy ones) but the other two were quite well and all cozy…

they were all loved on and handled by us as we were moving them and making sure they were ok so we were worried rabbits were like birds in that human scent could make the mothers abandon the babies but that didn’t seem to be the case…  whew!

mom said they have been moved so the momma bunny is still keeping up with them and moving them around like she is supposed to…  so it seems like all is well in bunny world again…

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so cute and so soft!  i think jasper had to overcome a “i wanna hold ’em and pet ’em and i will call ’em george” moment because i could tell she really wanted to hug on them but she restrained herself and managed the gentlest of pets and lots of soft “ohhhhh…””s 🙂

nana’s house…

or is that “ne’na’s” house now?  jasper lilith doesn’t say “nana”, she says “ne’na” – mom said that must be her new name 🙂

after giving her nana a Running Leap Hug (this is one of the best hugs out there – it is the type of hug where the little girl starts by shouting your name and running at you with her arms out and it is up to you to make sure that you catch her, swing her into the air and then hug her until she squeals!  really, best kind of hug in the freaking world!) and being reunited with the doggies, jasper got right to the business of horses as soon as she got there!

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here she is with her sunglasses on (i feel the need for a disclaimer:  she picked those sunglasses out, not me but she loves them and wears them as often as possible – even indoors when i know she can’t see a thing with them on!) and a bag of grapes…

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and here she is with the horses food buckets…  the fact that they are almost her size has not stopped her yet!

mom got her this really cute fleece vest and with the vest on and her jeans tucked into her boots, jasper looked like quite the pint-sized horsewoman…  well, except for the movie star sunglasses…

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and yep, your eyes are not deceiving you!  jasper lilith has officially sat her first horse!  and she asked, nay (or would that be “neigh”?  HA!), demanded it too!  we went out in the pasture to feed them some carrots and give them some loving and jasper decided she wasn’t content to just pet them, she wanted to sit on them!  just to make it all the more clear to us, jasper leaned over mom’s arms and patted satin’s back and said, “sit!  sit!”…  well, we got it and so with a bit of trepidation on my part (ok, i admit it, more than a bit), she sat up there as proud as she could possibly be…

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still sitting on that horse, hey?

mom, i promise, next time we are down there, we will make the time to get her on a saddle and in the ring!

and, as jasper would say, “taa-daa!!” here are the first pictures from my brand new birthday camera!! it is a beautiful thing and it is red which, of course, makes it even better 🙂

thanks, mom!!

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jasper doesn’t stop let a 6 foot fence stop her – she just climbs right up it to get to sunny 🙂

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and here is her beloved heidi – jasper is convinced that this dog was made for her and as sweet as heidi is to her?  i am not sure that she is wrong 🙂

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mom, sunny and jasper – all looking very happy to be right there at that very moment…  and so was i 🙂

we love you guys very much!

the end of a long day…

jasper lilith couldn’t make up her mind about which of her top 4 favorites to sleep with tonight so she asked for them all 🙂

her wolf, doggie, care bear and snowman all received prime real estate in jasper’s sleepy arms…

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and boy, doesn’t she look like a sleepy gal?  i think she was having trouble keeping her eyes open in the minute it took to take some pictures…

sleep well, sleepy mcsleeperson…

away with the stools!!!

so i walk in and she is just standing at the table perusing my latest ikea magazine like she is trying to decide which lamp goes with what curtain!

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what?  is jasper lilith really that tall??!!  my, how she has grown!

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but, uh, no…  no, she isn’t that tall…  (i guess the title kinda gave it away, didn’t it?) however,  jasper is a great believer and user of stools and somehow, over the years, we have collected several beautiful stools which means they tend to be all over the house…  maybe jasper lilith feels that they equalize things around the house…  and yes, i guess they do…

but it would be nice to have some surfaces out of the jasper reach!

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ah, ha!!  i caught you!  all that is missing is her cup of tea 🙂