mom, jasper and i found some tiny little baby bunnies out in the pasture while we were down there and i thought i would share how cute they were!

all together now, everybody say, “awwww…”

we had the rabbit version of the secret of nimh going on because richard saw them as he was about to mow right over them!  we were able to save two but the third one was in pretty bad shape – they were so tiny!

we made sure the others were ok and put them all back in their little burrow and checked up on them the next day – the injured one was gone (the momma probably moved him out and away from the healthy ones) but the other two were quite well and all cozy…

they were all loved on and handled by us as we were moving them and making sure they were ok so we were worried rabbits were like birds in that human scent could make the mothers abandon the babies but that didn’t seem to be the case…  whew!

mom said they have been moved so the momma bunny is still keeping up with them and moving them around like she is supposed to…  so it seems like all is well in bunny world again…

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so cute and so soft!  i think jasper had to overcome a “i wanna hold ’em and pet ’em and i will call ’em george” moment because i could tell she really wanted to hug on them but she restrained herself and managed the gentlest of pets and lots of soft “ohhhhh…””s 🙂