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boo at the zoo…

last night was a fun affair!  the fort worth zoo put on a halloween event for kiddos called Boo at the Zoo and we spent the evening running around the zoo in the dark!  it was a gorgeous evening for it and we had a candy-filled fun time with jasper lilith keeping us (and everyone else who saw her) entertained!  they had the zoo paths light up with japanese lanterns, glowing pumpkins and foggy lights and the atmosphere was a tricky (HA!) combination of kiddy fun and adult spookiness… i was impressed…

as a preview to halloween trick or treating, we dressed her up in her costume and man, a cuter supergirl has never before existed!  we will definitely take her trick or treating around our neighborhood next friday night but she had a ball running around in her costume and didn’t want to take it off when we got home!  in fact, i am already preparing to have jasper want to wear her costume everywhere now – the supermarket, the gym, the park, you know, anywhere supergirl is needed!

and yes, i will probably let her 🙂

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she is saying, “cheese!” super loud here – if you listen closely, you might even be able to still hear her!

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supergirl found a mutant pumpkin!

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they had “treat stations” spread all around the zoo and here jasper lilith is pulling her daddy while saying, “treats!  treats!” in a manner that could not be ignored 🙂

does jon look like he is resisting here?  oh, sweetie, don’t you know that resisting the jasper is futile?

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my two favorite people in the world share some candy… “hey, can i have some?”

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they had a tot-sized hay maze set up and jasper lilith wandered around the thing munching on candy for a time… i dont think she was that interested in getting out – she was pretty focused on eating her nerds and watching the other kids muddle around her… what a cute litte head poking out amoungst the hay bales!

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ah, supergirl is starting to get tired…

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spider webs and lollipops – the perfect pseudo-halloween night!

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here is a crowd scene – all blurry from a high iso on my camera to compensate for the darkness but i thought it was a neat crowd shot… the fog is real though – they had fog machines hidden throughout the paths and it was a spooky effect…  i think i like the zoo at night better than the day even!

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and here is where jasper lilith’s head says, “thanz you an’ goo ‘nite!” (that is thank you and good night to all those non-jasper parents out there!)

happy almost halloween!


fort worth water gardens…

jon has spent the last several days at the texas board of architects convention down in fort worth and we finally went to go visit him during a break…

we wandered the booths for a bit and then headed outside to explore the water gardens…

jasper had a great time with her da and loved all the fountains and the water pools that are in the gardens…

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this one is the big one that you walk down floating steps to get to the center and it is cool because when you get down to the last platform all you can hear and see is water and sky – you look around and the walls are high enough that you can’t see the city; you just see the water pouring down and the bit of sky above you…

the last time that jasper lilith was down in the big fountain (i guess about a year ago?), she did not like it – the sound of the water was too loud, i guess…  she hid her head in my shoulder and wouldn’t look up again until we had trekked back up the stairs and she could hear people and birds again 🙂

but this time, she was fascinated by all the water and noise around her and jon had quite the time keeping her up in his arms!