and here we have our little monkey…  shaving her face…  just like her daddy does… have to watch out for that 5 o’ clock shadow, don’t you, little one?

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and she gets all the details right!  she does exactly what jon does – his routine exactly – down to toweling her face dry at the end and putting the shaving brush back in the “right” place 🙂

mom, this would be the retentive memory we talked about at work and in motion!

she doesn’t get to use the razor, of course, although she tried that first time!  seriously, the razor was almost part of the act the first time…  just another gray hair – that hair in particular is named The Day Jasper Wanted To Shave Her Skin Off…

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she has the shaving brush in his soap pot and is making sure the brush is filled with good messy soapiness!

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and now she is smearing the soapiness all over her face…

such a proud moment for any mother – my little girl has learned to shave her face!