ok, so there isn’t a hungry witch…  or a gingerbread house…  or an evil stepmother…  or an oven big enough to cook a…  well, never mind – let’s forget the trail of crumbs that i was referencing with my hansel and gretel title and move on…  ok?  ok…

so!  a trail of marshmallows!!  that is what we have…  and a little girl who loves to eat marshmallows…  even if they are on the floor…  and suddenly laid out in trails across the house…  it is like magic!

what are we teaching her?  to follow the marshmallows, of course!

once she saw the trail, she was intent on popping each one of them in her mouth…  she wasn’t even chewing – she was just chipmunking them until the very end when she had a mouthful of the white fluffy things!  and only then did she start actually chewing them up 🙂

hear her at the end say, “hey, mama?  marshmallow all gone?” i love how she says the word marshmallow 🙂

jon and i had such fun watching her follow the marshmallow trail that when she was done with that one, jon laid another…   boy, a bag of marshmallows and our little spark of a girl and our evening is made!!

a couple of days later, i gave her some marshmallows again (just in a cup this time, the boring way) and she laid them out in a small trail and shouted for her daddy…  she then pointed to the first marshmallow and said, “daddee, bite marshmallow?”...  and when he ate the first one, she was satisfied and ran to eat the rest one by one!

hmmm, what have we started?