it is going to take me days to update the blog – we were gone for a while and i have tons of great pictures of all of us!  the hard part will be deciding which cute pictures of jasper lilith or juliet that i want to use!

speaking of loot (weren’t  we speaking of loot?  no?  well, look down!),  look at all the presents already opened and still waiting to be opened…   those two girls are in christmas present, wrapping paper and colorful bow heaven!

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the two dads and their little girls…  with presents…  lots and lots of presents…

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oh, what was under the tree wasn’t enough?  well, here are more presents!  stuffed in christmas stockings!

stay tuned to the jasper channel as i post more about our natchitoches christmas vacation!

i can promise tales of Good Times, Family Drama, Darling Girls Dressed Up In Darling Dresses, An Emergency Veterinarian Overnight Stay, A Bee Sting and oh, Great Pictures!

let’s not forget the great pictures 🙂

merry christmas everyone!  big hugs to everyone we love that isn’t in hugging range…