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mom, she has finally (of her own volition) worn the tutu you bought her!!

jasper brought it to jon today to help her get into it…  and then she started dancing…

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can’t you just hear her singing?

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now she has gone from native american dancer to little purple tooth fairy…  she is whistling at the dogs to come over and when they do, she waves the frothy wand at them like she is granting wishes 🙂

how long ago did you get this for her?  in the summertime, wasn’t it?  well, then, it was about time 🙂

now let’s see if i can get it off her so we can go run some errands 🙂

look at that smile!

jasper lilith is busy looking at photos of her grandparents and having a great time doing it, apparantly!

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“gam and pop!!!”  “nena and wichad!!”  “paw-paw and mimi!”

barbara, she heard another little girl in the grocery store say, “mimi” and when she went home, she dug around for some pictures of you and dad 🙂

i was impressed with her memory!

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the monkey cole medina stole my sunglasses!  and doesn’t she look like a rock star in them?

two random shots…

arnetta, jon finally uploaded his pictures from his camera and i found this one in the bunch…

it is kind of fuzzy but still rather special…

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here you two are reassuring each other in pops hospital room…

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and a blue-eyed girl at the playground!

zoo, zoo and more zoo…

can we ever get enough of the zoo?  not in texas when the weather is beautiful and balmy at a high of 65 degrees today!

the worst thing about texas?  the 4 months of sweltering summer…  the best thing about texas?  the other 8 months…  you will catch me wishing it would get cold enough to wear a coat or complaining about the see-saw effect of hot and cold but really, i am just grass is greener on the other siding…  because i love the fact that i can open my windows in the middle of february!  and i love the fact that i can put jasper lilith in a short sleeve outfit when we go to the zoo in february!


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the day started out a little chilly and windy but nothing can go wrong when she is on her daddy’s shoulders…  and wearing her movie star sunglasses 🙂

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but it wasn’t long before it warmed up and she was wriggling out of that coat while on the run…  literally…  trying to get her arms out of that coat while running…  while i was pretty much trotting behind her trying to keep up…  and catch the coat 🙂

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here we are in the aviary again…  no birds in this picture but jasper lilith is running around trying to catch them!

and, man, she looks just like jon!

don’t let us disturb you… just pretend we aren’t even here…

leigh’s kieran and my jasper caught in headlights…  kieran is making sure that jasper lilith is properly entertained while visiting…

ladies, i think if it is up to duncan and kieran, jasper will be 30 before she ever watches a movie over pg-13!  (the two boys are both very, very, very (very) conscientious of what movies jasper should or should not watch – they take it very seriously!

we have interrupted them eating popcorn and watching finding nemo

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continue on, kiddos, continue on…

jasper and her dog…

jasper lilith learned quickly that mocker was off limits while she was healing from her “bo-bo”

mocker is completely healed now but jasper has remained very gentle with her and won’t roughhouse with mocker like she does with roan…

roan, after all, is fair game and jasper loves on him like he is her very own…  which i guess he kind of is…  so that makes sense…

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jasper giving roan a hug…

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and now she is trying to pick him up…  or something…  he looks rather put upon, doesn’t he?  he is such a good sport with her…  maybe because she lets him lick her…

jasper has recently decided that she has to take her diapers or panties off and then her pants off as well to fully experience the backyard…  she goes out completely clothed and within moments, she has stripped down to nothing but a top!

i can’t keep her in her clothes from the waist down – maybe i should start wrestling her back into her clothes in case a nosy neighbor or a stick-stealing squirrel sees her!!  but, eh,  since it is in our backyard, no big deal, i guess… plus i am not the one sitting on the cold metal tricycle seat 🙂

a girl missing her daddy and some books…

“when ez daddee home?  nighttime?  ok, i wead books waiting!”

so after asking me (for the millionth time) where her daddy was, she went and gathered some books, climbed on top of her stool and starting reading…  like when she was done, he would be home…  oh, i wish it was that easy, sugar booger!

jon has been down in the hill country hunting for a couple days but should be back tonight or tomorrow…  jasper lilith is starting to miss him so she says, “whez daddee?”  “at gam and pops houze?”  “at nena’s house?” “at david, header, duncan’s house?”

i think she has your schedule down, jon 🙂

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the books kept falling off her little lap and she would go, “oh, no!  books falling!  don’t wowwy,mama,  i get them!”

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after the 5th or so time of getting down to get the books, she finally tired of the manuever and just moved the stool and her stack of books over to the table…  good problem solving, monkey!

right now, as i write this, she has the remote to turn the tv off, telling me, “doggie tweats!  mocker tweats!  mama, pay attention!” (2 years old, people, 2 years old and telling me to pay attention!) and when i give her my attention, she says again, “time for doggie tweats!” and comes over to my laptop and says, “i shut it for you, mama!”

ok, ok, i get the hint!  i am going now to give the dogs their treats and give jasper my attention…  yes, ma’am!

a drum set for the little drummer girl…

duncan was sweet enough to pass on his little drum set to jasper lilith and let me tell you, it has been a hit!!  (pun unfortunately intended)

i suspect that jasper has coveted this drum set since she first saw it at heathers house but jon was rather unenthusiastic about it due to the noise factor…  luckily, jon relented and taa-dah!  jasper has this cool toy to play on!

thanks, duncan!  you have taught jasper well 🙂

the set mostly stays in her room but it is light enough that she can pick it up (just barely but she manages) and move it from room to room as she so chooses…

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jon is working with leather at the bar so she decides to serenade him while he is busy!  she goes and get the drum set and places it as close to him as possible and goes to town!

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her hands are flying, her foot is pounding (on the bass drum) and while this picture didn’t catch it, she is singing “daddee, daddee, daddee!!!!!!!!!!!!” to her little thumping tune as well 🙂

cool toy, cool girl!

the rooster crows…

jasper lilith likes to clamor up and over the fire hydrant in our front yard and once she has straddled the thing, she likes to sing in her own jasper-language at the top of her lungs…

it is her Look At Me Sitting On The Fire Hydrant Ballad…

i happened to catch it in a video and thought i would share…

she doesn’t usually struggle to get up there – i expect it was because she was in a dress and her legs were bare (metal hydrants even in texas winters are cold) – but if you ask me, The Struggle made her all the more cute and amusing 🙂

especially the part where she makes it up there, starts singing The Ballad and turns out it is a bit premature because she slips down and has to start all over again…  priceless!

so she finally gets up (and stays up), sings her song, happens to turn around and see a squirrel exploring a stick that she had claimed and says, “oh, no, thaz mine!”

and now we know that jasper lilith won’t share with squirrels…   good to know…

a driveway, lots of chalk and the three of us…

it was a gorgeous spring day at 74 degrees…  in february

all of our windows are wide open, my curtains are blowing and my house smells fresh and like sweet olives…  because yay!!  my sweet olive bush is blooming like crazy!!!  and if you don’t know what a sweet olive flower smells like, just imagine the most alluring, pied piper scent you can think of and there you have it – sweet olive…

so we pulled our bag of sidewalk chalk out and went to town writing “welcome home, jon” and “happy valentine’s day” and other such chalky happiness…

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jasper’s version of letters…  they are pretty easy to read, you know, if you can read ogham!

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so i am busy chalking away and jasper sees what i am doing and says, “i do it!  my tuun!  jaspah wites too, see?”

(see the little white lines following my happy heart message?  that would be a fine example of jasper’s “writing”…)

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ah, she switches to blue chalk!

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and now she is busy kicking a stick down the driveway – ah, gravity!

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extreme closeup of an extremely cute girl…

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“daddee, lay down!  wite heuh!” and she proceeds to outline his body, well, sort of…  mainly she makes little scratches around him while i outline his body…  but close enough!

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“taa-daaaa!  daddy, look!”

i guess i could never pull off being a chalk outline artist 🙂

we had a great time coloring the driveway 🙂