see what i mean??!!


here is jasper lilith’s little ladder put into action!  if she wants something on the bar, she makes her step ladder and gets it!  never mind that it is way too high and gives her mama a heart attack every time i see her do it!  nope, never mind that!

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see her loudly saying, “heeuh, mama!!  want a gummy dwop?” oh, she knows her tricks – caught red-handed and she tries to smooth it over by sharing with me…  cheeky monkey!

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“ohtay, mama!  i get one for daddee!”

OH!!!!  and she goes for the double whammy of “sharing” with daddy, too!!!

yesterday she went into arnetta’s tupperware drawer (a drawer handily situated low enough for jasper to open and dig around in), pulled out an empty butter tub, dug around for the matching lid (very important that!), went to the cereal cabinet (also handily situated to be low enough for jasper to open and pull out the cereal or cracker boxes), pulled out her box of cheerios and then proceeded to show us how messy having an independent child can be…  jasper put the butter tub on the floor and poured her cheerios into it…  and while she certainly managed to fill the tub up, she also managed to pour twice as many cheerios on the floor all around her!

“dont wowwy, mama!  i did it!” she crows proudly!

i mean really, how can you be upset at that?  jon says that this is what i get for teaching her to do things for herself…  and that is ok, her independence might be messy now but it will pay off in the  long run!!  right?  right?

luckily, jasper also likes to clean up so after we congratulated her on getting her own cup of cereal for herself, we asked her to go get the hand broom and dust pan (which she did) and then asked her to help us clean up all the cheerios on the floor (which she did as well while saying, “uh, oh, mama, daddee!  cheewios evewywhey!  i sowwy…” ) so it helps that jasper is a good picker-upper, too!

i wish i had gotten a picture of her standing in the middle of a circle of cheerios, holding the cereal box up, pointing to the full butter tub and grinning like a madman as proud as proud could be!

life with jasper lilith is A Very Good Thing!