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and she takes a bow…

here is a quick example of how jasper lilith entertained us…
there is a bit of singing and some stomping and some clapping and some bowing – enjoy!

note the “tank you!  tank you” accompanied by the little bows – she doesn’t bother waiting for us to clap, she just goes ahead and claps for herself 🙂

choo-choo trains and her pop…

jasper has an intense imagination and here is an example:  her vitamin bottle “choo-choo train” …  she lines up the bottle end to end for as long as the table (and her daddy) will let her, crows in delight and starts pumping her arm in the classic “choo-choo”!!

to me it is a string of bottles but to her, it is a bona fide train…  well, whatever toots your horn, sugar baby!  (oh, bad play on words definitely intended!)

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“gam, look!  train!  a big train!  choo-choo!”

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aw, look at the two of them!  well, three if you count jon tucked in behind jasper 🙂

pop and jasper have a special relationship and i really enjoy watching the two of them interact – he is gentle and takes great care to pay attention to jasper and what does she do?

well, she eats it up, of course!

at play…

more good times at the natchitoches house…

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jasper lilith is telling a story – i can’t remember what the story was but doesn’t it look like a good one?

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jasper decided to share both her daddy and her “noise-maker”…  we had a great ride down to the pasture and i don’t know who had more fun – me, jon or jasper!

salsa!!! the hot kind!!!

jasper lilith has discovered hot salsa and chips!!  the surprising part isn’t that she liked the hot salsa over the mild but that she liked it on her chips at all…

she typically doesn’t like to dip or scoop but she definitely liked this!

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look at that tongue – not willing to miss out of any of it!

she had a system:  she would scoop some hot salsa, eat it, drink a swallow of milk and then a swallow of ginger ale as fast as she could and then start all over with the eating of the hot salsa again…  it was pretty funny…

and woe is the jon who tries to mess with her system for his own amusement!

the lawnmower man…

jasper recognized the riding mower as a lawn mower (i guess the red and the way the engine looked reminded her of ours?) so she pointed to it and said, “make noise, daddee?  going to make noise?”

she doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner but she loves when jon mows the lawn – go figure…

anyhow, jon took the noise making one step further and offered to take jasper on a ride and man, let me tell you, she couldn’t nod her head fast enough!

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so they headed off in to the pasture and when they got tired of riding around in the rain and watching the rain hit the water, they headed back up to the house where arnetta and i were lying in waiting with our cameras at the ready!

jasper looked so solemn and serious (she takes her beauty pageant waving seriously!) but she didn’t want to get off and she insisted on going for another ride the next day…

jon, if you think you will ever be able to ride the natchitoches lawn mower again without jasper, you have got a surprise coming 🙂

nah, i kid, i kid!  she let jon go the next day and actually get some real mowing done but as soon as she heard that mower coming back up to the house (not sure how she knew but she jumped off the couch, shouted, “daddee coming!  daddee coming!  let’s go see him, mama!” and sure enough, i looked out the window and jon was coming back from the pasture!) and headed outside to sweetly beg for a ride on the mower!

jon, of course, said yes 🙂

and off they went…

gram and jasper lilith!

we went down to natchitoches for the week and had a wonderful time!

pop was active, jasper was active and we just tried to keep up with both 🙂

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jasper is showing her gram a lizard…  “oooh, look, gam!  lizawd!  pwetty lizawd wight there!”

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jasper entertained herself, arnetta and i with some dancing and singing…  and stomping…  and running…  a lot of stomping and running 🙂

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ah, some of the dancing!

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hanging out with her gram…

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jasper was pretending to be a lion here – there was crouching and growling galore…  she made a super cute lion 🙂

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a close-up of our little lion here…

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pop had planted some tomatoes and while jon was down helping out with the cages, jasper comes down and says, “daddee, need help?  i help you, otay?  what now, daddee?”

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man, this girl is fascinating, extraordinary, bionic girl swift on figuring things out, rambunctious and mindblowingly observant!  there is not a day that goes by that jon and i don’t look at each other and just go, “wow…  can you believe she just…?”

it is even better when other people around us say the same thing 🙂

arnetta, that easter rabbit was a complete hit!!!  she hugged and kissed on and chatted to that bunny all the way to ruston – i mean, entire conversations were had between the girl and the rabbit!

aunt chris plays horsey…

jasper and i met my aunt chris at a park last week and had a great playdate!

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we ran around, we giggled, we laughed and jasper rode her “horsey” until it was nap time 🙂

what a pair…

the fort worth zoo was a good place to be last weekend!

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jasper lilith and duncan blow all of us some sweet kisses!

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jasper and david point out the “choo-choo twain!!!”

our spanking fresh garden…

here you go, lilla!  a shot of our garden in all its hidden potential!

isn’t it beautiful?

you can see the tomatoes along the fence and then the beans will grow up along the bamboo tripods…  then we have onions, carrots and garlic as well…

we have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit before planting the bell peppers and the hot peppers – even in texas, it is still a little cool for them yet…

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did i mention that all the tomatoes are heirlooms?  i am super excited to try them out – we have cherokee purple, sioux and then arkansas traveler – all picked for their aptitude for heat and extreme tastiness!


you will have to put a picture of your garden up as soon as the colorado weather turns warm enough for you to plant!!!  i can’t wait to see it 🙂

jasper’s tent…

here are jon and jasper lilith playing with the sheets while i try (operative word is try) to make the bed…  no worries, it was worth it for these smiles alone 🙂

jon:  “look!  get under the sheet with me, jasper!  let’s hide from mama!”

jasper:  “no, daddee!  it tent!  ok?  not sheet, it tent!”

jon:  “a tent?  are we camping?”

jasper:  “yep!  camping!  in tent!  mawhmallows!”

well.  i think she remembers the camping experience 🙂

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jasper is being tickled by her daddy and giggling like a mad fool!

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look at all those teeth!

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this was A Good Moment:  my curtains were billowing in the wind, my chimes were tinkling, i could smell the sweet olives and then the sound of my two peoples giggling and chortling (respectively…  i have yet to hear a 2 year old chortle) under the sunlight sheets all combined to make for the Good Moment…  you know, when you are hit on the head by how lucky you are and how good life is in all the ways that truly matter?

yeah, that kind of moment…