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jasper perched on an elephant…

i walk in to the living room and jasper is sitting on one of the thai elephants and cuddling with her bear and her sock monkey…

and then she was sweet enough to give me a snuggly grin as i took the picture!

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boy, she has a grip on those to stuffed toys, doesn’t she?

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and now the contemplative version of an early morning jasper lilith…


airplane, airplane!

oh, you guys don’t know how close you came to having to hear a “de plane, boss, de plane” joke!!

jasper lilith loves The Airplane Manuever (never met a child that didn’t!) and if jon is on the floor and on his back, it is assumed that he must be there for that reason alone!  luckily, jon seems to enjoy The Airplane as much as jasper does so it seems to work out for both of them 🙂

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and hold jons hand?  no way, that is for sissys!

can you hear the happy shrieks?  i can, in fact, i think they are still ringing in my ears 🙂