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jasper, jon and the tiller…

quite the domestic scene, isn’t it?

well, either that or the seemingly innocent intro. scene to a horror movie…

which is what i thought of when i watched the video the first time – i guess the sound of the tiller made me think of a chain saw or something?

but anyway, i am sticking to my first statement of the domestic bliss scene, thank you very much 🙂


the sandbox!

we have had a freecycle sandbox in the garage for a while now but jon finally fixed it up, painted it, filled it with sand and put it out for jasper to enjoy…  whoopee!

i mean, really, with the weather like it is, it would be a crime not to have that sandbox in full jasper use!

“ooohhh, what it is?  san’box?  oooohhh, pwetty!  than’ you!”

oh, you are very, very welcome, sugar booger…

it was, of course, a humongous hit with jasper lilith!


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her daddy helps bury her little feet…

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see, mom?  the eggs are perfect for more than just hunting and candy!

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jasper takes a break to drink some water…

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there is jon tilling out the garden and there is jasper digging away in her own little space…

what a pair, hey?

where have all the flowers gone?

back at home so jasper and i are keeping jon company while he does gardeny things…

and nobody has to teach little girls how to pick flowers – it must just be in the genes 🙂

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a bunch of dandelions, anyone?

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“oh, daddee!  look how pwetty!  heuh go!”

jon was very appreciative of the dandelions 🙂

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mom, jasper isn’t done with some of those eggs yet!  they don’t have any candy in them so she is making do by putting the smaller eggs inside the larger ones 🙂

plus the eggs and the bucket make for great sandbox playthings!

a horsey visit… with lots of girls thrown in to boot…

no visit to mom’s house is without horses whether it is riding them or just feeding them and despite the rain and the mud, this visit was no exception!

all the momma’s and the kiddos piled into vans and trucks and headed over to the horses…

jasper lilith and julia acted like they hadn’t seen each other in forever – you know, instead of the 3 minutes it takes to drive to the barn 🙂

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the first thing they both do when they climb out of their respective vehicles is run to give each other A Big Hug!  sarah (julia’s mom) and i about died with the unexpected sweetness of it all…  really, we about died…

which is the only excuse that i have for not catching The Hug on camera…  i did catch the tail end of The Hug but it just doesn’t do the heart-squeezing moment any justice!

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and there jasper and julia go…  hands held and women trailing after them with cameras high – kind of like crazed paparazzi waiting for them to do something camera-worthy again 🙂

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jasper doesn’t need much assistance when it comes to feeding the horses anymore – she knows the drill and, independent thang that she is, doesn’t accept much help…

“n0, mama!  i doooo it!  go away, ok?”

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like birds on a fence except, you  know, girls on a fence…

and jasper is right up there with them!  youngest schmungest!  if they are doing it, she is going to do it too!

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here is a close-up of the gaggle of girls – it really was a gaggle, too!  they were all running and talking and trying to wrangle them was like, well, as wendy said, trying to wrangle kittens!  about as cute too so that made it pretty much ok 🙂

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jasper and julia…  i have no idea what they are looking at…  horse poo, probably…

the first easter egg hunt of the year! whoop!!

it is 80 degrees right now and we are all in the backyard enjoying the weather!  jon is working in the garden, jasper is in her new sandbox and i am lounging at the table posting away…  it is a good day!

but on to the reason for this post:

mom always hosts an easter egg hunt during her spring break – that is always when the canadian relatives come for a visit as well – hey, perfect timing!  although the circumstances this year weren’t the best due to donna’s passing, the kids still got their eggs…  and their candy…  lots and lots of candy!

jasper lilith is quite the pro on egg hunting – last year was her first egg hunt but once she discovered that the eggs had candy in them, well, there was no stopping her at that point…  and this year was no exception…  except that she improved on her hunting techniques by shaking the eggs as soon as she picked them up and if they didn’t rattle (as candy-filled eggs do) then she would put the egg back down and go on to the next..

leaving the empty eggs for the next unsuspecting kiddo…  jasper was all about the candy but the older kids were all about who found the most eggs…  so that balanced out 🙂

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so there is jasper – busy testing on of her eggs – it must have passed the candy test because she is putting it in her bucket 🙂

see the yard behind her?  literally strewn with the colorful eggs!  not much of a challenge but it made for a pretty yard and some wildly running kids!

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amy, mattie and jasper on the hunt!

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“mama, it empty!  no good!”

did you know an egg was good only if it had a candy in it?  well, now you do!

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so cute with her eggs and her seriousness and her careful shaking of the egg 🙂

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there were 5 girls and 1 teeny-tiny newborn baby boy…  william(the newest member of the gaggle) is seriously outnumbered!  he is, of course, doomed to be their gopher boy for many years to come 🙂

from left to right:  lisa, jasper lilith, julia, mattie and amy…  william was busy being cuddled elsewhere 🙂

“everybody line up!  let’s get a picture of all the girls!”  “jasper, turn around, baby so we can see you!”

“mama, i wight heuh!  just a minute!”


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candy in the mouth….

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and candy out of the mouth…

i guess she didn’t like that piece!

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the girls got along great – jasper is the youngest girl and as always, the older girls always take great care of her!  she isn’t a shy one (that is an understatement!)  when it comes to other children though so she just makes herself at home and fits right in…  it is good to see!

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julia (the cute girl who is leaning down) is closest to jasper’s age – she is 3 and 1/2 and those two were instant friends!

they were pretty much attached at the hip and it was alot of fun to watch them interact with each other…

good times, mom!  the 2009 easter egg hunt was a success!

she found her perch… not the fish…

we got to neena’s house late on thursday but that didn’t stop jasper lilith from having to see the horses!

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although she looks more interested in the mud puddles here, doesn’t she?

“mama, han’s are cold!!  put in pocket, ok?  ok!”

i love the running commentary of a two year old 🙂

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and here is neena and jasper lilith just chit chatting away while mom does her workout!  jasper stands or jumps or squats or sits up there while mom is on the bike and i don’t know what they talk about but they are always talking!  it is the perfect jasper perch and mom gets a good workout companion 🙂

much better now!

jasper lilith was feeling much better on thursday so we headed on over to mom’s as originally planned…  whew – life is so much better when your baby isn’t sick anymore!

and it was important that we go down to mom and richard’s to give our condolences so i was very thankful that jasper was feeling up to it especially since we had already missed out on the natchitoches trip 😦Image Hosted by

doesn’t she look like she is feeling better?

that tongue says it all 🙂