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our spanking fresh garden…

here you go, lilla!  a shot of our garden in all its hidden potential!

isn’t it beautiful?

you can see the tomatoes along the fence and then the beans will grow up along the bamboo tripods…  then we have onions, carrots and garlic as well…

we have to wait for the weather to warm up a bit before planting the bell peppers and the hot peppers – even in texas, it is still a little cool for them yet…

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did i mention that all the tomatoes are heirlooms?  i am super excited to try them out – we have cherokee purple, sioux and then arkansas traveler – all picked for their aptitude for heat and extreme tastiness!


you will have to put a picture of your garden up as soon as the colorado weather turns warm enough for you to plant!!!  i can’t wait to see it 🙂


jasper’s tent…

here are jon and jasper lilith playing with the sheets while i try (operative word is try) to make the bed…  no worries, it was worth it for these smiles alone 🙂

jon:  “look!  get under the sheet with me, jasper!  let’s hide from mama!”

jasper:  “no, daddee!  it tent!  ok?  not sheet, it tent!”

jon:  “a tent?  are we camping?”

jasper:  “yep!  camping!  in tent!  mawhmallows!”

well.  i think she remembers the camping experience 🙂

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jasper is being tickled by her daddy and giggling like a mad fool!

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look at all those teeth!

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this was A Good Moment:  my curtains were billowing in the wind, my chimes were tinkling, i could smell the sweet olives and then the sound of my two peoples giggling and chortling (respectively…  i have yet to hear a 2 year old chortle) under the sunlight sheets all combined to make for the Good Moment…  you know, when you are hit on the head by how lucky you are and how good life is in all the ways that truly matter?

yeah, that kind of moment…