jasper recognized the riding mower as a lawn mower (i guess the red and the way the engine looked reminded her of ours?) so she pointed to it and said, “make noise, daddee?  going to make noise?”

she doesn’t like the vacuum cleaner but she loves when jon mows the lawn – go figure…

anyhow, jon took the noise making one step further and offered to take jasper on a ride and man, let me tell you, she couldn’t nod her head fast enough!

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so they headed off in to the pasture and when they got tired of riding around in the rain and watching the rain hit the water, they headed back up to the house where arnetta and i were lying in waiting with our cameras at the ready!

jasper looked so solemn and serious (she takes her beauty pageant waving seriously!) but she didn’t want to get off and she insisted on going for another ride the next day…

jon, if you think you will ever be able to ride the natchitoches lawn mower again without jasper, you have got a surprise coming 🙂

nah, i kid, i kid!  she let jon go the next day and actually get some real mowing done but as soon as she heard that mower coming back up to the house (not sure how she knew but she jumped off the couch, shouted, “daddee coming!  daddee coming!  let’s go see him, mama!” and sure enough, i looked out the window and jon was coming back from the pasture!) and headed outside to sweetly beg for a ride on the mower!

jon, of course, said yes 🙂

and off they went…