jasper has an intense imagination and here is an example:  her vitamin bottle “choo-choo train” …  she lines up the bottle end to end for as long as the table (and her daddy) will let her, crows in delight and starts pumping her arm in the classic “choo-choo”!!

to me it is a string of bottles but to her, it is a bona fide train…  well, whatever toots your horn, sugar baby!  (oh, bad play on words definitely intended!)

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“gam, look!  train!  a big train!  choo-choo!”

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aw, look at the two of them!  well, three if you count jon tucked in behind jasper 🙂

pop and jasper have a special relationship and i really enjoy watching the two of them interact – he is gentle and takes great care to pay attention to jasper and what does she do?

well, she eats it up, of course!