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looks like the baby is potty trained too…

arnetta, it is funny that we were just talking about jasper not pretending to change diapers on the baby anymore…ย  today i walked into her bathroom to see this little tableau…

i guess the baby is out of diapers now and using the toilet like jasper ๐Ÿ™‚

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the cute thing to me is that jasper absolutely refuses to use the training seat – i had it up in her closet and she must have found it and pulled it down for the baby ๐Ÿ™‚

just for the baby, mind you, she still won’t use the thing herself ๐Ÿ™‚

we love us some vietnamese…

we had vietnamese soup today and like always, it was de.ย  li.ย  cious!

we were driving home from the gym and jasper lilith goes, “soup?ย  i hungry for soup!”

(notice that we have passed on our love of asian foods to jasper…ย  thank goodness!)

so we made a u turn and headed for hot soup!

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our left overs ๐Ÿ™‚

jasper loves the soup with a bit of rice instead of noodles and she refuses to use regular utensils – she wants to use the soup spoon and chopsticks just like us!

and so she does – obviously, she can use the soup spoon just fine but we almost have it so she can pick up sticky rice with her chopsticks now too – pretty impressive, eh?

i might need to rubber band them just to give her some easy practice but i keep forgetting to bring a rubber band…ย  and, shoot, by the time i do remember, she might have already mastered them…

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jon likes the iced french coffee (really dense coffee with condensed milk) and i like the hot version of the french coffee…ย  as you can see, jasper lilith definitely likes the iced version, too!

i wonder why a hot drink feel so good on a hot day…

notable jasper lilith quotes:

“mama, you a superhewo?”

“daddee, you my best fwiend in the wowld!”

by the way, you had better believe that i said yes to the superhero question!

“you had better believe it, little one! said i…

and the boat continues…

jon is getting closer and closer to being finished with his sail boat!

he is at the priming stage now and jasper lilith came out to help sand that first coat down…

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“look, mama!ย  i sanding on daddee’s pwetty boat!”

they look like they are having a good time, don’t they?

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my two productive peeps!

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awwww, jasper lilith smiling for the camera!

“see?ย  i sanding boat!ย  cheeze!”

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and then she sees her friend caroline (a little girl about 7 years old that jasper loves to play with) from across the street and sanding is done with!

from there, she runs down the driveway and across the cul de sac, yelling, “cawoline!ย  hello, cawoline!” and off they go, hand in hand…

it is funny, caroline has a little brother that is only 3 months older than jasper but jasper is so not even interested in him – she and caroline are all about each other and matthew is left to follow them around or go off and play on his own…ย  you would think she would go for a child her own age but nope, i guess gender trumps age…ย  for now…

a paddle boat experience!

and then it was sunday…ย  jon went fishing but jasper and i opted to stay at home and play with the dogs and cat – well, chase them around the house and the backyard anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

but it wasn’t long before we tired of that and decided to give the dogs and cat a break ๐Ÿ™‚

so we jogged down to the lake (jasper is a good jogging partner), met jon off a bank, climbed in to the boat and hung out with jon while he finished fishing the banks…

after he was done, we headed on to the beach and finally let jasper at the paddle boats!

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aย  smushed jasper and two laughing parents ๐Ÿ™‚

it was still very windy and jon kept telling us that “this is a bad idea” but jasper and i were determined!ย  so we started paddling and just pretty much paddled in circles fighting the wind and then trying to get back to the beach…ย  it was great!

we had a blast and were laughing too hard to be paddling very efficiently…ย  but that was ok ๐Ÿ™‚

jasper kept trying to steer the rudder and we kept trying to get it back from her so we could go in the right directions and again, we were giggling (ok, well, jon doesn’t giggle but he does chortle)ย  too much to be very good at that as well!!!

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wading at the beach and enjoying the feeling of the water on our tootsies…

mom, i can’t wait for summer!

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and another snapshot of the three of us…ย  i like this one because we are all doing three different things!ย  jon is kissing jaspers shoulder, jasper is pointing to the dock that we have accidentally paddled into and saying, “daddee, paddle hawder!” and i am the only one looking at the camera ๐Ÿ™‚

and then it was back to neena’s house for more hot showers, lunch and a car ride back to our house in arlington…

mom, we had a great time but jasper missed her “neena and wichawd”!!

she would ask where you guys were and we would tell her you were at a horse show and soon she would ask and then answer her own question:ย ย  “wheyah’s neena an’ wichawd?ย  at howse show?”

an afternoon on the tractor…

fishing, tractoring (what?ย  it is a real word!) and horsesย  – you would think we were out in the country or something ๐Ÿ™‚

while saturday morning was spent on the lake, saturday afternoon was spent out in the pastures and on the tractor…

the rain had stopped and the sun finally came out and it turned out to be sunny and warm – just perfect for some pasture mowing…ย  i guess…

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jon and jasper taking care of some grassy business…

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look at those two – two peas in a pod!

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i liked this picture because of jons smile – he looks like i caught him in A Good Moment, doesn’t it?

well, he does like to use the tractor and i imagine that jasper riding with him is just like icing on the cake ๐Ÿ™‚

really sweet, really cute icing…

so she knows what a coaster is for…

jasper loves binoculars – they probably seem like magic to a two year old ๐Ÿ™‚

here she is checking out some horses at a neighbors faraway pasture – mom, i think it was trip – she likes “twip” as she calls him ๐Ÿ™‚

“mommy, lez go say hi to twipย  now!”

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just checking up on all the horses ๐Ÿ™‚

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and mom, you will love this:ย  she is pretty good about knowing to use coasters and her pacifier was no exception!ย  i guess if a wet glass gets a coaster, then it makes sense that a wet paci would too ๐Ÿ™‚

the day of the fishes…

we spent the weekend at moms to dog, horse and cat sit while they were out of town and it was a great weekend!!ย  of course since when do we not have great weekends when we go to their house?

jon came prepared to spend much of the time down at their lake and the rain was not going to deter him at all!

we got down there friday and waited all the way until early (early!)ย  saturday morning to fish – what a wait for jon and jasper lilith!ย  i wasn’t sure if they would make it ๐Ÿ™‚

it was raining but didn’t stop us in the least…

and it certainly didn’t stop the fish either because jon and jasper caught plenty!ย  yes, that is right, i said jasper…ย  i said jasper ‘cuz jasper caught her first fish with her fishing rod!!ย  and then she caught another…ย  and then another…

they were both in bass and brim heaven ๐Ÿ™‚

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jon was out on the lake when we first walked down so jasper went straight for her favorite paddle boat but it was way too windy!

but once jon came back to the beach to pick us up, jasper got down to the business of fishing…

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and here is her very first, ever in her lifetime fish that she caught almost all by herself!!


i swear, as soon as jon threw her line out, a fish struck!!!ย  he passed it to me to madly reel in while i passed the rod to jasper!!ย  i was chanting, “oh my god, that was quick!”, jon was shouting at me to “give it to jasper!ย  reel it in!” and jasper was squealing, “a fish!!ย  my fishing wod, pease!!” but the fish was too strong for jasper and she couldn’t pull it in by herself so i held on the the rod and helped her reel it in…ย  it was several wonderfully madcap moments!!

jon and i were laughing so hard and jasper thought she had found the gold at the end of the rainbow – we were all pretty excited ๐Ÿ™‚

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not much longer after the first fish, jasper caught another one more to her size ๐Ÿ™‚

she was able to reel this one in by herself ๐Ÿ™‚

this little guy got tossed back (although that first one didn’t!ย  he was supper later that night!)

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her attention span lasted much longer on the boat – maybe because we were moving or maybe just because she had tasted the excitement of actually catching a fish but whatever it was, it made jasper ready to fish for a long time!!

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oh, she got a bite!!

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the rain and the wind finally started to take its toll and we shivered our way back to the beach to go home and take hot showers…

and then back at the beach, she and jon caught a fish together!!

again, the fish was big enough that she couldn’t reel it in herself so her daddy stepped in to help her out – and that makes her third fish of the morning!!ย  and two of them definitely keepers!!

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jon and jaspers bass fish and our saturday night supper!ย  pan-fried fish, corn on the cob, homemade tartar sauce and cornbread…

anyone drooling yet?

let’s just pretend fish for now…

jasper lilith finally got a little fishing rod…ย  she got to pick it out, of course, and though there were not a lot of choices (in kid-sized rods), she went straight for the most girly rod of them all!

soapbox:ย  man, i get so tired of all that thematic crap out there!ย  i usually try to avoid the themey stuff but they did not have one children’s fishing rod that was just a rod – they were all disney, barbie, spiderman, batman, bob the builder and more…


she picked the barbie one, by the way ๐Ÿ™‚

jasper wanted to go fishing the day we got it for her but she had to wait until the morning to go – poor thing ๐Ÿ™‚

jon has been getting up quite early to go fish at our lake and when he rolled out of bed that next morning, jasper climbed right over me and rolled right with him…ย  don’t even ask what time it was…

jon left to get some fishing in before jasper and we ate breakfast and then met him at the lake…

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jaspers rod is small and barbiesque but it is a real fishing rod…ย  the neat thing is that it came with a little butterfly bobber that we could tie on to the end of the line for her to practice with before adding a real hook and letting her at the fish!

so the morning was spent with jasper throwing the butterfly around…ย  it was a learning experience for all of us!ย  jasper learned that the fishing rod is not a toy and we learned that after about 30 minutes jasper is ready to do something else!

well, we saw that coming – i am actually impressed that she can last that long for her age ๐Ÿ™‚

luckily, the lake has a playground right by it so she and i divided our time between fishing with daddy and running on the playground…

it was a good day…

and next stop?


wind and water…

at the end of another day out and i can’t decide which looks prettier – the waterfalls or the windblown girl…

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what do you think?

pretty eyes…

no picture but a little story blurb:

arnetta, you will like this:ย  this evening we are all hanging out on the couch – reading and such – and jasper lilith leans over to jon, bats her long eyelashes at him and tells him, “daddee, your eyes are sooooo pwetty…” and then gives him this little shy grin to go along with the fluttering eyelashes…ย  and then she didn’t even try to talk him into anything – seems like it was a totally free compliment!!

well, she ain’t wrong…ย  the little flirt ๐Ÿ™‚