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cedar hill state park…

jon has been a’hankering to fish lately and he finally decided to make some time to go…

he went this morning to our lake (where jon found that we couldn’t open his car via our cell phones when he locked the keys in the trunk) and then decided to try another lake this evening…

so we made it a family thing (jasper likes to hang out with jon while he fishes)…  “daddee, found fishing ‘pot now?”  “go fishing, daddee?”

we went to cedar hill state park and our plan was for jasper and i to wander while jon fished but that didn’t work out so well…  what happened was that jasper didn’t want to wander, she wanted to stay right by jon and do exactly what he was doing…

“no, mama!  i don’t want to wa’k!  i fish with daddee!”

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stuck to her daddy’s side…  doesn’t look like he minds, does it?

(hey, how about those knee patches, huh?)

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man, it was windy, windy!!!  jon didn’t catch anything but we all had a good time hanging out and then wandering around after jon finished fishing…

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jasper wasn’t satisfied with just watching jon fish! wait, when is that girl ever content just to watch?  two year olds don’t watch, they want to DO…

she said, “mama, good fishing ‘pot?  i fish too?” and ran off…  as i go after her, she comes running back with a thin reed she picked up off the ground and waves it proudly, “see, mama?  i fish now too!  fish wod!”

the cute thing was that it really did look just like a minature fishing rod (she knew exactly what she was looking for when she went stick hunting!) and then she proceeds to stand next to jon and hold the “fishing rod” like him and even move her hand in a circle like jon was doing when he would reel in!!


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here she is casting her “rod”…  what you don’t see is my heart stopping every time she got a little too close to the wall edge so for the most part, i stood next to her holding her collar…  since she needed two hands to fish, of course 🙂

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that hat looks a little big on her, doesn’t it?

jon said that he is going to go ahead and make a  jasper-sized cane pole for jasper to actually fish with next time…  who knows?  the sugar monkey could actually catch a fish!

the girl with the butterfly wings…

’tis the season for scarborough faire!!

jasper has some fairy wings (wait, not fairy wings – she calls them “my buttufly wings”) from last years faire but surprise, surprise, she has outgrown them so we had to get her some wings that fit…

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i pointed some out to her and these are the ones she picked – pretty, no?

i actually forgot my camera when heather and i took the kiddos to the faire so you are missing out on the day she got them – all dressed up and running around snagging, “she is so cute!”, “aw, look at her!” compliments – yeah, she was pretty freaking cute!

today jon tells jasper, “you are so pretty…” and jasper reaches up to touch his face and whispers, “i know, daddee…”


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if i thought the only time jasper lilith would wear those wings was when we went to the faire, i must have been crazy!!

around the house?  sure…  to the supermarket?  yeah, sure…  why not?  she is happy and all i have to do is field the “so cute” comments that lob our way?  hey, i can handle that 🙂

if i had a pair of groovy wings, i wouldn’t want to only wear them every once in a while either!