’tis the season for scarborough faire!!

jasper has some fairy wings (wait, not fairy wings – she calls them “my buttufly wings”) from last years faire but surprise, surprise, she has outgrown them so we had to get her some wings that fit…

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i pointed some out to her and these are the ones she picked – pretty, no?

i actually forgot my camera when heather and i took the kiddos to the faire so you are missing out on the day she got them – all dressed up and running around snagging, “she is so cute!”, “aw, look at her!” compliments – yeah, she was pretty freaking cute!

today jon tells jasper, “you are so pretty…” and jasper reaches up to touch his face and whispers, “i know, daddee…”


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if i thought the only time jasper lilith would wear those wings was when we went to the faire, i must have been crazy!!

around the house?  sure…  to the supermarket?  yeah, sure…  why not?  she is happy and all i have to do is field the “so cute” comments that lob our way?  hey, i can handle that 🙂

if i had a pair of groovy wings, i wouldn’t want to only wear them every once in a while either!